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QB Remittance Recording Sample

1. In K2, under Setup, go to Remittance and choose Remittance Payments.

2. View the report In Summary.

3. Go to QuickBooks, and go to “Write Checks” under “Banking” on the bottom right-hand side.  

  • Here is where you will enter the vendor, date, amount, and split out line by line everything under the Total Subject to Standard Royalties.
  • Under Expenses, you will change the amount on each line until you get to the last line.
    • Splitting line by line clears out your other current asset/liability accounts that were used with the IIF download.

4. Now in K2, In the Remittance Payments, approve the week ending for payment by selecting the check mark.

  • This should be done weekly.
  • The Weekly Remit Report Is finalized for that week on Sunday mornings.
    • Payments are only transferred on Wednesday mornings (MST). If you approve the week after it has already been pulled, it will stay In a Pending Status until the following Wednesdays Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) pull.


  • Enter the payment recording in QuickBooks the day you approve it for payment.
  • Put the week ending date as the check number for easy reference. EX: EFT1/28/23
  • Double check that your expenses amount equals the total amount due entered on the check.

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