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Review Obsolete KampStore Items

Run the Kampstore Analysis Report to see when your items were last sold, whether a few years ago or not sold at all in K2 to clean up your item list.

Step 1: To get the Report you will want to go to Reports > Analysis > KampStore Sales

  • Choose “No” to Only Items With Sales
  • Choose “All” for KampStore Department
  • Only include items that are active
  • Choose “XLSX” as the Output Option

Step 2: Highlight row 4

Step 3: Click on the data Tab and choose filter

  • Now that the data is filtered, go to row 4, column M
  • Filter to include blanks and the years you would like to see
  • Hit ok.

Eliminating & Clearance of Items in K2

Step 5:

Use the newly filtered list to see if you still have those items in your KampStore for sale. 

  • If you do not have the item, mark the item inactive in K2.
  • If you identify items that haven’t sold for an entire season, but still remain in the store, it is recommended that these items be marked down. Using the below markdown process will potentially encourage sales and, if not sold, eliminate these items from Kampstore inventory.

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