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Technology Krash Kit

In the event there is a technical disruption (power/internet outage, K2, or credit card processing, etc.), minimize the impact by having a plan in place. The Digital Krash Kit was designed with you in mind. Preparation is the key for success!
  • Be Prepared!
    • Print and/or make a local copy of your Arrivals, Departures, and Booking Chart or Site Grid Reports. These reports should be run at the beginning of every morning.  
  • Communicate with guests a problem has been identified.  Failure to communicate with guests could leave them frustrated.
    •  If your computers are down, post a sign at your front desk that lets your guests know to expect a delay (see samples in the printable PDF).
    • If you have Zingle, send a text message to your guests explaining the situation.
  • KampStore – Have an alternate plan, like the worksheets in the printable PDF or a notebook to enter your KampStore and Charge to Site transactions.
  • Take Reservations – Use the KOA Reservation Pads and the availability reports – Booking Chart (1 week) or Site Grid (2 weeks). Need more? Click here to order more (on the left-hand side, select Front Desk Reservation Pads.)
    • As guests arrive:
      • Without Reservation – Follow process above to take reservations and use the Booking Chart Report to find an available site.
      • With Reservation – Ask if you can use the credit card used to pay the deposit to finish the registration once the system comes back up. Make sure to mark them off on the Arrivals Report.
  • Credit Cards
    • Reach out to KOA Technology Support and let us help you identify the problem by determining whether you’re faced with a local internet issue or a system-wide credit card processer issue.  
    • Security is our top priority! If necessary, escort the guest(s) to their site and get them settled down, and advise them you will return to complete final payments later.
    • If unable to enter the credit card information online, write the credit card number and expiration date for later entry into K2.
      • NEVER write down the CCV nor PIN.
      • Destroy the paper as soon as the credit card is processed.
    • For new reservations, book the reservation with no deposit. Once credit cards come back up, you can call them to retrieve their deposit payment and manually enter their information.
    • If you use Charge to Site (CTS), once credit cards come back up, you can use the Previous CC option to pay for the CTS balance.
  • When the incident is over
    • Update K2 with all Reservations & Check Ins, Charge to Site, and KampStore transactions. This should be done as soon as possible before other reservations are made to prevent accidental overbooking.
    • Process all credit card transactions using Manual or Previous credit card options. Then destroy papers.

In an emergency, KOA Home Office can help:

  • Technology Support can help (800-548-7014 then press 2 or email K2help@koa.net)
    • A temporary emergency message can be placed on your KOA.com website
    • Temporarily “shut off” your campground’s KOA.com reservations with K2 Blackout Dates.
  • Franchise Services can help (800-548-7104 then press 1 or email koasupport@koa.net):
    • Your 800 number can be forwarded to a different local number temporarily.
    • We can also provide a special voicemail message that Informs callers of issues you are having.
    • A message can be placed on eKamp and Facebook Yellow Pride informing other owners of your emergency situation, so they can offer assistance.

Connection Issues Can Happen Anywhere/Anytime

The internet has evolved over the past decade in speed and reliability, but it is still not perfect. In this day and age of technology, we are plugged in more than ever and the slightest disruption to our internet service can cause panic and dread.  A little due diligence and planning can minimize the effects of an internet outage or connection issues.

  • Check your Devices:
    • Check your cables and wires to make sure they are not loose or damaged. 
    • Try restarting your modem or router.
    • Try using an ethernet cable to test your connection.
  • Think ahead and decide if you should have duplicates of critical hardware on hand (routers, switches, cables, connectors, printers, etc.).
  • Computer Health will help optimize your systems performance. See the Computer Health Tips in K2 for tips on how to keep your computer in good health.

No Power? No Phones?

  • Know who to call to confirm and/or report a power outage.
  • Take inventory! Have extra flashlights with batteries and candles for light. Know where they are.
  • Consider purchasing a UPS and/or backup generator to have on hand.
  • If you do not have a backup, unplug your appliances and electronics to avoid damages from electrical surges. When the power is restored, slowly beginning turning your equipment back on.
  • Check your power pedestals. Turn off if necessary.
  • Conserve your cell phone battery and use it wisely.
  • Compile a written list of contact information.
  • In an emergency, don’t forget KOA can help.  

Don’t forget to Print Me (PDF)!




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