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Add a KOA Rewards to a Reservation

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Lets say you have a guest who forgot to add their KOA Rewards to their reservation.
  • To add the KOA Rewards to the reservation, first locate the reservation, then click Edit reservation.
  • Next, go into the Guest information
  • Select Choose New Guest
    • Here, you can search the KOA Rewards number if you have it, or the guest ‘s last name and zip code to narrow search parameters.
    • Searching by the KOA Rewards number it is easiest to start the search with v:, this tells K2 that you are searching only for a KOA Rewards number (v:123456).
    • Once located, click on the guest’s name in the list below, and then Save Guest Information.
  • Continue saving down through each section,
  • In Stay Charges, click Accept New Charges to bring discount into view.
    • This should now show the guest’s KOA Rewards on the reservation.

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