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Booking Chart – Swap Sites

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Are you ready to learn how to swap sites for a reservation, and swap sites between reservations on the Booking Chart in K2.

We will first look at swapping sites for an individual reservation:

  • Once the booking chart is open, locate the reservation that you are wanting to swap sites.
  • If no one is on the site you are wanting to move the guest to, simply click and drag the reservation you are wanting to change sites for.
  • Confirm the change you are wanting to do.
  • This will refresh the booking chart and show your reservation now on the new site that you assigned it to.

Now let’s take a take a look at swapping sites between reservations:

  • Locate the reservation on the booking chart you are wanting to swap.
  • Once you have located the reservation, click the pencil icon at the top of the screen.
  • Drag and drop the reservation to the site where another reservation is on.
  • Drag and drop the existing reservation on the site to the new site.
  • Click Save in the upper right-hand corner.
  • You will receive a pop-up indicating specifics about the swap you are performing that need to be acknowledged before proceeding. 
    • Price changes in pricing groups due to the swap, it will prompt you if you want to update the charges, or keep them as they were. 
    • It will also prompt you if there are specifics to the site swap such as max people in party too big for the site.
  • Click Move Reservations to complete the site swap
  • Click Save in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Please note: Site swapping between reservations requires the reservations to be in the same status. You cannot swap a upcoming and on site reservations for example.

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