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Cancel a Reservation

Do you need to Cancel a Reservation?


  • On the Home screen, click Arrivals.
  • Find the guest and click anywhere in their row.
  • Click Cancel Reservation.
  • If a KOA Rewards was purchased or renewed with this reservation, K2 will prompt you if you would also like to cancel this purchase at this time.
  • Select Cancellation Reason
  • Input Cancellation Fee.
  • Acknowledge the refund that will be due to the guest and if all looks correct move the toggle to Yes.
    • The Rewards Refund will be in addition to the amount shown and well be available when processing the Refund to the guest.
  • Click Finalize Cancellation
  • Process any refund due back to the guest. Note that the reservation is in a Cancelled status.
    • A cancellation e-mail will automatically be sent to the guest’s e-mail address.

NOTE: You can see your Campground Cancellation Policy and the National Cancellation Policy via links on the right of the pop-up.

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