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Check In a Reservation

It's that time of the day, Check In time. Let's take a look at how to Check In a guest in K2.

Checking in a Reservation

  • On the Home screen, click Arrivals.
  • Find the guest and click anywhere in their row.
  • Click Check In.
  • Confirm the information presented and save through each section of the reservation.
  • In the Payment Section,
    • If the guest has enough KOA Rewards points to process a payment with, you will notice a blue bar that displays how many points are available. Select Pay with Points to process this payment towards the cost of stay.
    • If no refund is due and the guest has a remaining balance to be paid, you can then process payment for this.
  • In the top left hand side of the screen, click Check In.
    • A confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent to the guest’s e-mail address.

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