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Create a Long Term Reservation (LTS)

In the camping industry, Long Term Stay (LTS) refers to guests staying for an extended period of time consecutively. In K2, LTS Reservations can be created for guests staying up to one year, calculate monthly or seasonal rent, track meter readings, and more.

Create a LTS Reservation

  • From K2 Home Page, click Long Term Stay (sun icon).
  • Click the +Long Term Stay Reservation. This is the ONLY Place in K2 to create a LTS reservation.
  • In the Guest Information, search for your guest by their name, zip code or KOA Rewards number.
    • Ex: v:254N7H to search for a KOA Rewards account
  • In the Stay Information widget, fill in the information for the guest’s stay and select the site.
    • Click Save Stay Information.
  • Answer any applicable Additional Questions (UDFs).
    • Click Save Additional Questions to continue.
  • In the Stay Charges,
    • Click Choose Rate Plan, and select the correct rate plan.
    • Add any additional charge codes, such as electric deposit, by clicking Selecting Charge Code.
    • Add the quantity, amount, and charge date (dates needs to be within the check in and checkout dates)
    • Click Add Change.
      • Note: Rate plans can only be adjusted when the reservation is in an Upcoming status. If you change the Rate Plan, don’t forget to re-estimate your charges.
    • Click Save Stay Charges to continue.
  • Now it’s time to collect payment.
    • By default, the Deposit will be the first month’s charge. If additional charges for a security/cleaning deposit are needed to book, manually adjust the deposit amount to reflect the different total in the payment section.
    • Book the reservation. 

Check In a Long Term Stay

  • Once in Check In, confirm Guest Information and the Stay Information are correct.
  • In the Stay Charges, a list of all monthly charges (seasonal reservations may vary) including additional charge codes will appear.
    • To the right of the list are indicators telling you what is paid, due now, and due in the future.
    • Green $ button = due today or before
    • White $ button = due in the future. If they want to pay you now, simply click on the button to turn it green, then Save Stay Charges. This will add the charge(s) to your current due in the Payments widget.
    • No $ button = due today or before
  • In the top right-hand corner, enter the Initial Meter Reading, this is needed to calculate the future electrical charges.
    • The popup will show the last meter reading taken for that site, there will be no applicable charges for the next reading.

Did you Know?

  • LTS can be created for up to one full year.
    • Monthly Site Charges will automatically be added to the Stay Charges.
  • Purchase of a KOA Rewards for a LTS guest will be done in the rewards menu.
  • If changes are made to the dates on the reservation, save through ALL the widgets to confirm charges reflect the new changes.
  • In the Stay Charges, if you do not have a dropdown for a Rate Plan:
    • Check the Long Term Rate Plan Setup to make sure the dates have been extended.
    • Assure the correct pricing groups are selected.

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