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Create a New Short Term Reservation

Let's create a new Short Term Reservation.

Creating a New Short Term Reservation:

  • Start a new short-term reservation by clicking the phone icon labeled Reservation.
  • Start with either Guest Information or Stay Information (for a price quote).
  • Enter the Guest Information:
    • When searching for a guest, input either of the following:
      • KOA Rewards Number “v:1ABT7E”
      • Phone Number “p:4065555211”
      • First Name, Last Name, and ZIP/Postal Code (separated by a space)
    • Inputs not recommended:
      • Single letter
      • First name or Last name only
      • Partial email address
    • Confirm their Information and click Next.
    • If they are not in K2, click Choose New Guest to add them.
    • Click Save.
  • Enter the Stay Information
    • Click Search, then select from Available Pricing Groups.
  • Sell/Renew KOA Rewards if applicable.
    • Click Save
  • Apply Discounts.
    • Click Save.
  • Ask Additional Questions.
    • Click Save.
  • Confirm reservation details and charges.
  • Take payment and click Book Reservation to finish.

How to Edit a Reservation

  • On the Home screen, click Arrivals.
  • Find guest and click anywhere in their row.
  • Click Edit Reservation to change any details.

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