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Express Arrival

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Streamline the Check In process by communicating early to upcoming guests, allowing them to complete a pre-check verification and speed up the front desk check in procedures.
  • Enabled by management in the Operations Setup menu.
  • With Express Check-in enabled, you will see three different colored icons on the K2 homes screen to the left of each Reservation line:
    • Green = the guest reviewed their reservation information:
      • Indicated they would be using the same credit card used to pay their deposit, or pay with another form of payment at check-in
      • No changes are needed prior to being checked-in.
    • Yellow = the guest reviewed their reservation information
      • Indicated they have information on their reservation that needs to changed or updated prior to being checked-in.
    • Red = the guest did not verify their reservation information prior to arrival.
  • With any Check In, applying the remaining payment (if any) will also automatically Check In the guest

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