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Group Reservations

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Do you have a group coming in and need to block a group of site? Good News! K2 can do that!
  • Click on the left side K2 menu with the two person icon, that is labeled Groups.
  • To start a new group reservation, click + Group Reservation
    • Enter the Check In and Check Out dates for the group,
    • Enter the Block Start and Block Expire dates.
      • Typically the Block Start date should be today’s date, or the date you want to start setting individual reservations in the group.
      • The Block Expire date is the last date that a guest can claim a site in the site block.
    • Set the Rate Plan
    • Select the Lock Code you wish to use to lock the sites for the group.
    • If you have enabled Account Billing and Allow the Master Account to pay the deposits of the individual group members, move the Master Account Pays Deposit to Yes. If no, each individual will be responsible for paying for their deposit when registering.  
    • Click Continue below.
      • You will then be prompted to choose/create a Master Account for the group reservation,
      • Search for the Master Account name
      • If it does not exist, you can then click +Account after searching.
        • Fill in the information to create a new Master Account, once completed it will then take you into the group reservation.
  • Now that you are in the Group Reservation:
    • In the top right corner you can click Delete if you wish to delete the group reservation,
    • In the Master Account widget,
    • Click Edit to adjust any information or click Notes to add a group note.
    • In the Stay Information widget, click edit to adjust any information
    • In the Site Block widget, click +Site to add sites to the site block,
      • Sort by Available Sites or by Pricing Groups Availability.
      • After selecting the sites to include, you will notice the green Reserve button to the right of the site numbers.
        • Note: If you do not see the green reserve button, it means your site block start date is set for a future date, go in and adjust the date to todays date and it should then show you the reserve buttons.
    • Clicking the green Reserve button will take you into a new reservation to create.
      • Each site needs to have its own individual reservation created. You will create the reservation from this point as you would any other reservation.
      • Once you have completed creating the reservation, in the payments section if you opted for Account Billing and Master Account Pays Deposits within the group settings, you will see the payment option set to Account Billing. You can click this and then click change payment if you wish as well.
      • If you send the payment to account billing, you can then click the briefcase icon on the left side labeled Account Billing,
        • locate the account for the group, and can finish processing payments sent to the account here.
    • Back inside the group reservation, once the site block is finished, you will see below under Reserved Sites the reservations that have been created for the group.

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