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KampStore Refund

Need to refund a KampStore item? Let's take a look at how to get this done in K2!

KampStore Refund

  • Click the cart icon on the left of the screen to start a standalone KampStore sale
    • NOTE:  KampStore refunds can also be started from an OnSite reservation.
  • Create a new KampStore Sale for the same item(s) the guest is returning
  • Change the quantity to a negative amount
  • Process payment by selecting the appropriate payment type
  • Confirm the refund amount is correct
  • Click Apply Payment.

Search Purchases

Use the calendar Icon to look up the history of KampStore Sales.

  • View details of the transaction:
    • Date & Time
    • Total Amount & Payments
    • Status
      • Open are incomplete. Complete with Payment or Clear Cart.
    • Completed are successful sales.
    • Link to reservation (If applicable)
    • Logged In User
    • Reprint Receipt Option

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