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KampStore Sale

Lets take a walk through ringing up a KampStore Sales and processing funds.

KampStore Sale

  • Click the cart icon on the left of the screen to start a standalone KampStore sale.

NOTE:  KampStore sales can also be started from an OnSite reservation.

  • You can add Items to the cart in a number of ways:
    • Item Name/Description/SKU – Start to type in the text field and the top 10 matches will appear. Click on one to select.
    • Barcode – Scan the item barcode in the text field.  If it is a unique match, it will automatically go into the cart.  If multiple matches, you can click to select the correct item.
    • Express Items Buttons – The fastest way is to click/tap the button on the menu customized for your KOA.
  • To apply the discount to all Items in the cart click the + Discount button at the top of the Cart
  • For Individual Items click Discount on individual items in the cart.
  • Click the correct payment type(s) to complete the transaction. (If the transaction was done through a reservation, click Continue and save the KampStore purchase and process the payment or apply the charge to Charge To Site.)  

NOTE:  If you navigate away from this page, you will be reminded the Cart is not Empty.  Either complete with Payment or Clear Cart. 


Did your guest change their mind on their purchase and you need to back out of the sale?

  • Click the Clear Cart button to remove all items from the cart.


Do you need your cash drawer to open?

  • Click the No Sale button to open the cash drawer without a purchase.

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