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KOA Rewards Sales and Lookup

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Ready to explore KOA Rewards? Let's explore how to work with KOA Rewards in K2.
  • KOA Rewards can be sold/renewed within a Short-Term Reservation in the Rewards section.
  • Or by itself in the Rewards menu on the left-side K2 menu with the star icon, labeled Rewards.
  • KOA Rewards purchased during the Check In process caps the initial discount given at $36.00
  • Search KOA Rewards numbers by starting with v:KR Number, no spaces.
    • For example, v:123456
  • Or use the Advanced Search Option.
  • Guest’s can update their KOA Rewards by logging into their account on koa.com, or by calling the camper experience team.
  • Campgrounds can update the email address and phone number on KOA Rewards
    • Campgrounds can also call or email KOA Tech Support and/or Camper Experience, to update KOA Rewards guest information.

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