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Long Term Stays (LTS) – Take Payment

Ready to process a Long Term Stay Payment? First, let's determine what payments are due then how to process them.
  • To view your Long Term Stay guests who have a payment due, first click on the left side of K2 where it has the sun symbol, and says Long Term Stay
  • On the right side, click the tab that says Payment Due, this will now filter all of your guests that are either currently due, or are past due on their payment.
  • To process payment:
    • Click on the guest’s name,
    • Click Payments
  • In the Stay Charges, a list of all monthly charges (seasonal reservations may vary) including additional charge codes will appear.
    • To the right of the list are indicators telling you what is paid, due now, and due in the future.
      • No $ button = paid and realized
      • Green $ button = due today or before. If the charge is not what they are wanting to pay, click the dollar sign to turn it white.
      • White $ button = due in the future. If they want to pay you now, simply click on the button to turn it green, then Save Stay Charges. This will add the charge(s) to your current due in the Payments widget.
  • Now in the Payments section, you will now see an amount in the current due field that reflects what charges you had the green dollar sign next to in the stay charges section.
  • Process Payment.
    • Current due will now display as $0.00 in the payments section,
    • In the Stay Charges, the green dollar signs next to the charges will have disappeared, signifying that the payments have been registered to the charges.

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