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Long Term Stays (LTS) – Meter Readings

Are you ready to enter a meter reading into K2? Let's discuss the two ways to enter a meter reading.

Meter Readings

  • During Check In,
    • You have the option to enter the Initial Meter Reading in the upper right-hand corner.
    • This initial reading is needed to calculate future electrical charges. If the Initial Meter Reading is not entered during Check In, you will need to enter it through LTS and Meter Readings.  As additional monthly readings are entered charges will be added to the reservation Stay Charges.
  • In the LTS Menu,
    • Click the Meter Readings button to bring up the list of LTS reservations,
    • Click on reservation number to be taken directly into the Stay Charges section for that guest.
    • At the far right of the Guest’s Name and Site there is a < sign, click on it to see previous readings. 
    • Click anywhere else on that line (except reservation number) and you will be given a box to enter a new reading and date.   
    • If you notice an incorrect meter reading, simply enter the correct reading.   Depending on if the guest has paid or not, you may also need to edit the Stay Charges of the reservation.
  • On any On Site LTS reservation,
    • Click on the reservation line with guest details.
      • Under Options select Meter Reading.  This will bring up the same modal as above to enter in the Reading & Date.
        • If a new LTS, the last reading shown will display the last meter reading entered for the site. Clicking the i(information button) on this pop-up will show this as a reminder to the staff.

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