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Navigating K2

Let's start by poking around K2! What is where, where is what? Let's explore!


  • On the Home screen, click anywhere on the guest information row to get details of reservation and find applicable action items.
  • The 3 lines in the top left corner will Expand or Collapse the left menu bar.  As a beginner, it may be helpful to see the icons and labels, so you’ll have vertical lines.  After a short time, click to the horizontal lines for icons only and have more screen space for the task at hand.  
  • In the top right-hand corner:
    • Messages: see your internal campground messages here.  
    • Setup: if you have authorization, configure all aspects of the operation.
    • Username: can see your account settings, and change your password.
  • In the bottom left-hand corner:
    • About K2: Is where you will find Release Notes and the K2 development roadmap.
    • Status: This link will take you to the K2 status page for communications about technical disruptions.


  • Arrivals –   Shows guests with upcoming reservations the deposit paid; default sort is arrival date
  • On Site – Shows guests currently registered, basic reservation details, default sort is departure date  
  • All – Shows Past, Present, and Future Guests, the current status of the reservation, default sort is most recently edited reservation at the top
  • Sort column by:
    • Click column heading to sort by that field (Ascending to Descending)
    • Click heading a second time to sort by that field (Descending to Ascending)


  • Type in one of the following, then press Enter or click the  Search button
    • • KOA Reservation Number
    • • First or Last Name
  • K2 will show you what K2 searched for. If that is not what you had intended to search for, use the shortcuts to help with the search.


Use the Shortcuts to help define your search:

  • In the Search box, type the shortcut code with colon then the text to search (no spaces).
    • “v:1ABT7E” (KOA Rewards)
    • “f:happy l:camper” (First Name & Last Name)
    • “d:12/15/22” (Date) Include slashes & 2 digits each for month/date/year

Use the dropdown (to right of search button):

  • Type data in box.
  • Click dropdown and select Type of Item.
  • Click Search button.

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