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There are so many ways to search for a reservation, lets start searching!
  • From the home page of K2, in the upper left corner is a box titled Search Reservations. Here, you can use specific information to search for a guest rather than going through your entire list of reservations.
  • Basic searches you can perform from here are reservation number, KOA rewards number, and guest first/last name.
  • Click the arrow next to the search box to expand additional ways to search for:
    • guest information, phone number, license plate #, last 4 digits of credit card used, and many more.
  • To use these searches, before clicking the downward arrow you will enter your search criteria in the Search Reservation box
    • For example, I want to search for email address darkwing1@stcanard.org. I type the e-mail address into the search reservation box, then click the downward point arrow and click on Email, and then search in the Advanced box as so.
  • There are additional Shortcuts you can use to search with as well.
  • Now lets take a look at the Long Term Stay Menu and searching here.
    • This search box operates a little differently than the K2 Home screen search. In here, you can search the guest’s name, KOA Rewards #, or reservation number. To filter your results more, you can select the tab on the right side for arrivals, on-site, all, or payment due.

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