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Sign On and Navigating K2

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Let's launch K2 and get started!
  • We recommend that you use Google Chrome for loading and utilizing K2 as it is the most compatible web browser with all K2 features.
  • Once your browser is open, navigate to the website “https://k2.kampsight.com”.
  • You will now see the K2 sign-on screen.
  • Before we sign in, I’d like to point out a couple of things:
    • The right side of the login screen is used as a message board. It will remind you of important events coming up or give you a pointer as to how to perform a task in K2. It is important to take a minute to read these notices that are updated about once a week.
    • This section also lists for you how to reach K2 Support.
  • Now let’s sign in,
    • Enter your Username, and Password, you’ll need to sign in.
      • Your Username entails the 3 letter prefix XNG which is specific to each KOA Kampground, followed by your name with no dashes or spaces.
      • Enter your Password
      • Click Login
  • Now your in K2,
    • On the left side is the menu to navigate through the different sections of K2.
      • For example: Creating a Reservation or Selling a Gift Card.
    • Setup, Messages, and User Info on the top of the menu.
    • Bottom left hand corner:
      • About K2 menu takes you to K2 updates
      • K2 Status Page
        • Bookmark the site Now – http://status.kampsight.com/
  • Explore Navigating Around K2 for more information.

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