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Work Kamper Certificates

Let's talk how to process a Work Kamper Travel Certificates.
  • Register the guest in K2. If they have a KOA Rewards account, be sure it is displayed in Guest Information.
  • In the Payment section:
    • Payment Type = Work Kamper Travel Certificate is listed under the Other button.
    • Type in Work Kamper Number and tap the magnifying glass.
    • Select on of the Available Work Kamper Certificates in the drop-down menu.
    • Payment amount & Eligible Charges for Work Kamper Certificate will be filled in for you.
      • Max value $50.00.
      • If the net due is LESS than $50.00, the amount will be changed for you.
      • If the net due is MORE than $50.00, the Work Kamper will need to pay for additional charges.
      • Only valid for DAILY SITE charges
      • Work Kamper is responsible for Taxes.
  • Click Apply Payment.
    • Take additional payment(s) as needed.
    • Campground is responsible for half the cost of the stay. KOA Home Office covers the other half.

Note: All Calculations (50/50 split between Campground & Home Offices) are automatically done in K2 when the Weekly Remittance Report is run.

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