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November 21, 2023 K2 Release

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Rate Management/K2 Setup

Discount Effective Dates

It was reported that if an End Date was not entered in the Effective Dates Discount Rules (Setup -Rate Management – Discounts- Select/Add Discount – Discount Rules -Date Options -Effective Dates), the Discount would not be saved. Now you can save an Effective Dates Discount without entering an End Date. The Discount will remain usable until an End Date is entered or the Discount is Inactivated.


Market Group Report

When generating the report for the Market Group Year (Reports – Analysis – Market Group Report), it was reported that the First Time Guest percentage was missing. This has been corrected. Note, this only shows on the Market Group Year option, not the Date Range option.

Coming Soon!

QuickBooks Online

Development has started for QuickBooks Online (QBO) which will allow direct connection to your QBO file. This feature will be released in 2 phases:

Phase 1:

  • Provide a connection from K2 to QBO​
  • Populates chart of accounts into mapping screen​
  • Provide a push to QBO for daily transactions ​
  • Beta Testing with a small number of campgrounds

Phase 2:

  • Release to the system​
  • Provide mechanism to push inventory sales to QBO​
  • Beta-testing with inventory tool

Online Reservation Management

Development has started on giving the guest the ability to edit their reservation through their KOA.com account. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

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