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April 28, 2020 Release

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As our development team works from home due to the shelter-in-place orders across the country, we continue to develop towards our roadmap items. Much of what was accomplished this last development cycle was ‘behind the scenes’.

  1. COVID 19 response
    Much time and effort was spent responding to the data needs of our company to assist in Cancellation analysis and business forecasting. Supporting data was created for the Campground Cancellation Refund stimulus checks from KOA, Inc. We will continue to focus our attention to crucial data needs as this crisis warrants.
  2. Guest Database redesign
    Another area that has been worked on behind the scenes is the design and architecture of a new guest database. These changes are desired to position KOA to be more engaging over the entire life cycle of the guest. The changes are being worked incrementally to avoid interruptions to daily operations.
  3. Guest Engagement Messaging design
    We have been working on the design and implementation of an integration with Zingle, which will provide the ability to engage the campground to communicate with guests via text messaging. It will be based on triggered events, such as check in. For more information, see Zingle|Guest Text Messaging Now Available! on eKamp.

Other Development

Equipment Setup Screen updates

In an effort to bring consistency and clarification to the Equipment setup screen, the follow updates were made:

  1. Pills’ were added to separate the equipment lists into three statuses: “Active”, “Inactive”, and “All”.
  2. The styling and the text on the buttons were changed to more clearly identify the ACTION that the user will be taking if they click on the button. For example, if there is an equipment type that the user does not want to show as something that’s available on their campground, they can click on the button to “Inactivate” the type.

If there is an equipment type that has been previously inactivated, the user can click on the ‘Inactive’ pill to view it. The ‘Activate’ button option in this screen allows the user to it back to list of equipment available on their campground.

Rate Your Stay after One Hour Guarantee

Based on feedback, we’ve updated the programming that sends out the Rate Your Stay invitation to the guest when they check out within the One Hour Guarantee timeframe or anytime on the arrival date. Guests that fall into this category will no longer receive a Rate Your Stay invitation email.

Disable previous credit cards when Token is missing (MCM, Axia, and Blackline)

An issue was identified in the Payment Modal that was causing some confusion for the user. Under normal circumstances, the system is able to store a token for any credit card payment previously made and then allow the user to re-use it by selected it from the ‘Previous’ section of the Payment Modal. Sometimes, a valid token was not saved with the original payment for a variety of different reasons. When a user selected a previous credit card but the token is missing, the programming was forcing them to take the payment through the pin pad again. We have corrected this situation so that the user will not be able to select a previous credit card if the token is not available to process the new payment.

Refunding a Copied reservation

There was an issue reported where the user was trying to cancel a reservation that was created from the Copy function. In this uncommon case, if the first reservation had a refund on it and the user tried to cancel the second reservation, they were not able to refund the correct amount on the second reservation because of incorrect linkage to the first reservation. This has been corrected.

Error when deleting photos

An error was discovered when trying to delete photos in Operation Setup -> KOA.com CMS -> Photos. The error was occurring if the user had multiple tabs open or were trying to delete a photo that was already deleted but not refreshed on the screen. This messaging was removed because of better programming to handle the deletion process.

After Hours Support

The KOA Home Office staffs our Support department 7 days a week and summer hours have just gone into effect [M-F: 7am-7pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 12pm-5pm]. Support can be reached with a phone call to 800-548-7104 press 2 or via email at k2help@koa.net. We have an emergency number to call for issues that must be handled immediately during off hours, such as credit cards not processing. If you need to report an issue, please use one of these established channels to get the best response to your issue. Click here for more information on KOA Technology Support.

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