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April 7, 2020 Release

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Report Updates

Arrivals Report

A much requested update was made to add the Lock Code to the Arrivals Report.

KampStore Sales Report

The KampStore Sales Report has been a popular tool to assist campgrounds analyze their stores sales. There was an issue with the field width for the Item Name – we were truncating the field and cutting off the item name. This has been corrected.

Other Development

Review External Source Reservations

We’ve made a minor improvement to the Review menu to show the ‘lock’ icon when a reservation made from an external source has a lock code associated to it, such as with a Select My Site reservation.

Buttons in the Reservation forms

An update was made to the reservation forms to change the labels on the ‘Next’ buttons to provide a clearer message to the user what each save is doing.

Discount Setup

A minor improvement was made to the Discount Setup screen. We’ve updated the names on the buttons to ‘Inactivate’ or ‘Activate’ the discount. This was done to make it clearer to the user the action that they were taking.

Premium Tent Sites

An update was made to the programming that builds the online heading for Premium Tent sites on the KOA.com listing. Changes were made to match the current criteria for Premium Tent sites with Brand Positioning. The programming used to rely on the “Tent Pad Width” and “Tent Pad Length” to determine the eligibility of a Premium Tent site. However, the pad width and length had different qualifying criteria than the overall SITE width and length. There are now two sets of criteria: Tent Site dimensions and Tent Pad dimensions. Programming will use these two sets of criteria to determine ‘Premium Tent’ status. These fields are maintained in the Pricing Group setup screens.

Hot Fixes Since the Last Release

A Hotfix is something that gets pushed into the software immediately after the issue has been identified and corrected. These fixes usually represent something that must be corrected quickly and cannot wait until the next software release date.



  1. Cancellation Report (released on 3/18/2020)
    In order to help you identify cancellations for your operation, we developed a new report that was released in a special release on March 18th.
  2. Cancellation Report Update (to be released soon)
    A problem was reported Friday in which the Summary section of the Cancellation Report errors out when a reservation is missing a Rate Plan. This issue has been addressed and will be released before April 7th.
  3. Guest Activity Report (released on 3/18/2020)
    We added a column to the Guest Activity Report to include the Cancellation Reason.

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