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August 29, 2018 Release

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We’ve had lots of feedback over the last few months on receipts and we’re excited to announce several improvements with this release.

  • Request: Only show the NET effect of a change on the receipt.
    From the ledger aspect, reservations can have lots of ‘ins and outs’. Feedback was overwhelming that we should only show the net effect of those changes on the receipt. “Just show what the guest paid for.”In the following example, a guest decided to stay two more nights. Note the following:

    • The Arrival and Departure date will still show the entire stay and the ‘Nights:’ field will show the total number of nights.
    • We list the number of new nights being paid for after the Departure date (+2 nights)

  • Request: Please show the month that the Long Term guest is paying for.
    Another common request was that we should show the month that the guest is paying for on our long term stay receipts. We were relying on the Arrival and Departure dates, but it wasn’t clear to the guest.In this example, the guest paid for their August monthly rate. Note the following:

    • The Arrival and Departure date will still show the entire stay and the ‘Nights:’ field will show the total number of nights.
    • We’ve added a second line to the Monthly Site Charge which will list the ‘from and through’ date of the charges. This will help bring clarity to the guest.


Other Receipt updates include:

  • The Gift Card Sales and Gift Card Balance receipts were both updated to more look more like other receipts.
  • If a guest has a valid VKR number, it will now be included on the receipt with the guest information.
  • If a guest uses a Work Kamper Travel Certificate for payment, the certificate number will now be included on the receipt.
  • The word ‘Signature’ has been repositioned so that it prints directly under the line for a credit card authorization.


There are no new reports to announce with this release, but we fixed a number of reported bugs on existing reports. Those include:

  • Guest Activity Report – Discounts reported on this report will now pull from both estimated and realized charges (previously only pulling from realized charges).
  • Charge Code Analysis Report – This report was showing totals that were GROSS and were not taking into account discounts. Totals were updated to be NET.
  • Operations Recap Report
    • An update was made to filter out non-taxed amounts from the KampStore Tax Base
    • An update was made to correct the QTY field for discounts
    • An update was made to fix an issue with reporting Short Term camper nights when there was no charge associate with the night. For example, an Early Checkout with no refund would reduce the number of camper nights but didn’t get reported because there were no charges (or refunds) associated with the change.
  • Operations Recap Detail Download
    • When the Operations Recap Detail Download is viewed on screen (not downloaded), some of the column filter options were not showing. These filters can be used to sort the information on the screen. This has been corrected.


We continue to make good progress on the QuickBooks integration to provide a stable and reliable solution. This release had just a couple of updates.

  • When first setting up QuickBooks, we have a utility that uploads the Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks. With some versions of QuickBooks, this import was failing because of file formatting issues. This has been corrected.
  • In the KampStore Department and Item setup screens, we have a button that allow you to import Departments or Items from QuickBooks, depending on what version of QuickBooks you’re using and whether or not you’re maintaining items in QuickBooks or KampStore. This update hides or shows the button, depending on your setup choices.

Guest Check In Email

This release saw the completion of a project between the KOA.com and K2 – the Guest Check In email! When a guest checks in, K2 sends a ‘trigger’ to Tempest to send an email to the guest which was developed by our Marketing department to welcome them to your campground.




Value Kard Rewards and KOA.com updates

Earlier this summer, we made some changes to how we validate VKR memberships in an effort to remove some of the roadblocks guests were experiencing making reservations on KOA.com. Based on your feedback, we appears we over-corrected and will be rolling back several of the changes we made over the next few weeks. These include:

  • Do not apply the VKR discount on a reservation (online or at the front desk) if the card is currently expired. If the card is active but expires before the arrival date, the discount will still be applied.
  • The error check for the VKR applying to multiple reservations for the same time period will be put back into the front-end of the reservation process rather than relying on the check done at registration.

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