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August 30, 2019 Release

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Report Updates

NEW!! Cash Over/Short Report

If you use the ‘Cash Balance’ tool found in Operation Setup under the Accounting section, we’ve created a new report that may help. It will be a great help with bookkeeping for your banking.

  • The report mimics the ‘Cash Balance’ section on the Ops Recap, but the report options allow it to be run for multiple days.
  • Each day has its own line. Fields include:
    • Date
    • Actual Cash
    • Beginning Cash
    • Cash Transactions
    • Check & Trav Check Transactions
    • Ending Cash (Computed)
    • Ending Cash (Actual)
    • Over/Short
    • Net Bank Deposit

NEW!! BaseBook Possible Match

For campgrounds with the contractual benefit of BaseBook, we’ve added a section to the “Weekly Remit Detail Report” that should help during your review process to make sure the system has identified all possible matches.

  • The Remit Detail Report already has a column that flags each guest as to whether or not they were found on the campground’s BaseBook list.
  • For names that were not an exact match:
    • Sometimes names and addresses are similar, but not exactly alike. We’ve added programming similar to K1 that compares a ‘fuzzy key’ comparison for the guest name to the names that are on the campground’s BaseBook list. Note: If you find a possible match on this report, your options include:
      • Go to the reservation and swap out the guest you chose originally for the guest that’s found on BaseBook. Remember to look for the “book” icon next to the guest’s name.
      • Or you can email KOA Technology Support at K2help@koa.net with the reservation number and the correct guest information for the update.
  • If no similarities were found, the text “No BaseBook matches found”

NEW!! Meter Reading History Report

We’ve developed a new report to assist with campgrounds who use Meter Reading. By site, it lists the historical meter readings, the guest and reservation they were associated with, the date they were taken, and the difference between the previous reading.

Reservation Comparison Report

  • A minor issue was identified that allowed the user to enter a decimal number for the number of “Months To Show” in the report options. This was causing an error message. The problem has been corrected and the field now only allows a whole number.

Departures Report

By request, we’ve added a column on the Departure’s Report to show indicate if a site that’s departing has an Arrival coming in on the same day. This icon will only show if the Departures Report is run for a single day.


  1. Reservation Notes that only contains spaces
    A unique situation arose from support where a user had tried entering a Reservation Note, but only entered ‘spaces’ for the text. This caused an issue with the Confirmation email. Notes that are ‘empty’ will not be saved.
  2. Site Lock in the short term reservation form
    Typing in the site number and applying a Lock before doing the availability search was producing an error that no site had been selected when it had been. This has been corrected.
  3. Hold Date and Site Lock icons in Stay Information
    An update was made to the Stay Information area of the reservation screen to add icons for Hold Dates and Site Locks. The change was made to bring consistency to the styling used in other parts of the software for similar functionality.
  4. Copy Credit Card when copying a reservation
    An update earlier this year gave the user the ability to copy the credit card token information when copying a reservation by making a choice in a pop-up screen (see below). An update was made so that this pop-up WILL NOT appear if the reservation being copied does not have a credit card payment associated with it.

Other Development

Account Billing

  • A minor issue was corrected involving spaces which was causing problems when searching for an account name. This has been corrected.


  • An issue involving editing of an open purchase for a refund. There was a rounding issue that prevented the refund from completing. This has been corrected.
  • A minor issue was corrected in the KampStore Item setup screen. When setting up a new item, the cursor was defaulting to the NAME field. The correction defaults the cursor to the SKU field first.


  • There was an issue for Canadian campgrounds using inventory in QuickBooks. K2 was not able to import the inventory items from QuickBooks due to an issue in the file. This has been corrected.
  • There was an issue for Canadian campgrounds that was causing issues importing the IIF into QuickBooks because of text that was not correct in the INVITEM field. This has been corrected. Also with this change, the text used for the PAYMETH column changed from “PERSONAL CHECKS” to “CHECKS” to be more generic.


  • An update was made so that a check for duplicates would be run any time a VKR was purchased. This was added to prevent adding duplicate VKR accounts.


HotFixes Since the Last Release

A Hotfix is something that gets pushed into the software immediately after the issue has been identified and corrected. These fixes usually represent something that must be corrected quickly and cannot wait until the next software release date.


  1. Meter Reading charges automatically removed when re-estimation of charges are done (released on 8/5/2019)
    There was a bug reported when the user enters meter readings which create charges on the reservation. If the user then went on to change the stay dates, the system would re-estimate charges and wipe out the Metered Electric charge.
  2. Unable to edit Pricing Group when Pricing Group Notes existed (released on 8/1/2019)
    A recent change to the Pricing Group setup introduced a bug that was preventing the user from editing the Pricing Group if there were Pricing Group Notes. This was corrected.
  3. Warning that the Charge to Site (CTS) credit limit was reached when it hadn’t (released on 8/5/2019)
    Several campgrounds reported that the warning that a guest’s CTS credit limit had been reached was coming up in error. It was discovered that there was an error in the logic that creates the warning, which has been fixed.

Future Development

  • Select My Site is in Beta Testing at two campgrounds
  • Reassign/Refresh Rates
  • Waitlist

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