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April 12, 2022 K2 Release

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Other Development

Cursor Return to Item Search Box

An enhancement was made to improve the experience of adding multiple items to a cart quickly. After completing a cart level discount, editing an item in the cart, deleting a cart, cancelling a payment, or creating a No Sale, the cursor will reposition in the Item Search Box so that the user is not slowed down with extra clicks to reposition the cursor.

Pending KOA Rewards Purchases

KOA Rewards program rules require that the purchase or renewal of a Rewards account must be complete for the card to active and usable by the guest. There are rare circumstances in which a front desk user will “bail out” in the middle of a purchase or renewal for whatever reason, which puts the sale in flux – there is a charge for the sale but not a corresponding payment. This affected royalties because the charge was made. We have updated the remittance process to exclude these kinds of pending transactions so they’re not included until the payment is received.

Discount Photos

As part of our Photos project, we identified that KOA.com only displays one image (the first one) even if multiple images exist in setup. The K2 setup screen has allowed more than one to be attached to a discount in the past. A fix was put into place to only allow one image and those discounts that had multiple images were updated to just one image.


Charge Code Analysis

A minor bug was fixed in this release. When a user runs the report for Site Class ‘Tents’, the header was showing “Other” for the site class. This has been corrected.

Hot Fixes Since the Last Release

A Hotfix is something that gets pushed into the software immediately after the issue has been identified and corrected. These fixes usually represent something that must be corrected quickly and cannot wait until the next software release date.

Date Picker (Released 3/28/22)
A report update that came out in our last release had an unintended affect on the ‘date picker’ in other areas. This was corrected soon after it was identified.


KOA Rewards

Work continues on the KOA Rewards project as we prepare to move the programming off of the old KampSight system onto the new platform. Our work has been laid out into seven different milestones which allow the development team to focus on individual parts of the whole picture. From now until it’s released, KOA Rewards will take up most of our development bandwidth.

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