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April 20, 2021 Release

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We removed two columns that were not being used (no data was ever pulled into these fields). These were the “PTAmount” and the “CardDiff” columns.

The “Processor” column helps to identify how a credit card was processed; either by MCM, AXIA, or BLACKLINE (Canada). This column was previously not filling with data. That has been corrected. It was also moved to be after the ‘Payment Amount’ and before the ‘KOA Name’.

Other Development


  1. An update was made to prompt the user to make sure to add mapping for QuickBooks when adding Charge Codes, KampStore Departments, Payment Types, or a Pricing Group.
  2. Another issue was discovered for campgrounds who are using QuickBooks for inventory management. Our iif was allowing for 4 decimal places on the amount field, which was causing an error in QuickBooks when running the P&L statement: it was producing an “overflow” error. This has been corrected.

Mobile Device Compatibility

In our ongoing effort to make K2 screens compatible with mobile devices, we’ve been working on the Stay Charges widget of the reservation form.

  1. The edit ‘Pencils’ have been removed from the charge fields in the table.
  2. Instead, there will be an edit icon at the right end of each row.
  3. When clicked, we will produce a new modal where edits can be made.

It is important to note that no functionality has changed with this update, just the way it looks on the screen.

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