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August 24, 2021 K2 Release

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Performance Comparison Report (for single operations)

In September 2020, we introduced a report for our multi-property owners called the Performance Comparison Report. This will now be made available to single operations as well.

The report presents numbers in a current day comparison to same day last year, current month to same month last year, and current year to date to last year to date. It is a robust look at the performance for your campground. Each numbered section in the graphic is explained below.

  1. Income
    The income numbers should closely match the Operation Recap for the following areas:

    • Registration: Amounts listed here are registration related charges, such as site fees and people minus discounts (net). Cancellation fees or other types of charges are not included here.
    • KampStore: All store sales, minus discounts, are listed here. Taxes are not included.
    • Other Income: All other net charges are included here, such as Pet Fees, Resort fees, dry storage, etc.
    • Deposits: Lists the net deposit activity the time period. Note: there is a report option that will allow you to include or exclude deposit activity.
  2. Deposits
    Deposits that flow from Reservations will show the deposit liability and should closely match the campground’s Deposit Liability report with the exception of deposits on overdue check ins. Current Day is as of the date chosen for the report. Prior Day is the amount of the liability on the same day last year.
  3. Sites Occupied
    This section will list the sites that were actually occupied, not ‘nights sold’ across RV Short Term, RV Long Term, Deluxe Cabin, Camping Cabin, Tent, and Other. These numbers should closely match those found in the Occupancy reports.
  4. Guest Surveys
    The Guest Surveys will list the number of surveys and scores for the Current Day, same day last year, Current Month, same month last year, Current YTD, and the year-to-date last year. It should be noted that the year to date considered is the calendar year, not the award year.

FlashLight Report (for single operations)

The Home Office has used this report for years and we have now made it available to single-property owners. The FlashLight Report is a comparison report that shows year over year comparisons for camper nights, PCN, and registrations broken out by RV STS, RV LTS, Deluxe Cabin, Camping Cabin, and Tent. This information provides key insight to the performance of your campground.

Report Options:

The FlashLight report allows you to select several options:

  1. “FlashLight Date”
    Select the end date for the year-to-date option. The YTD time frame will begin with the first Monday of the year and end at the date the user specifies with this option.
  2. “Report Dual Use Sites By Actual Use”
    This option allows the user to decide how Dual Use sites will report – either as the site was actually used, or as the Primary Pricing Group.

Key notes:

  1. This report is built from data from our virtual data warehouse. This means it cannot be run for the current day.
  2. For revenue reporting, the Charge date is used to determine if the revenue should be included on the report, not the Arrival date. This will allow for alignment between the Operations Recap report and the FlashLight. Registration numbers are reported as net registration, not gross. Charges include Registration-type charges. Cancellation Fees are NOT included. Lastly, registration totals are rounded.
  3. The FlashLight does not include site type “Other”. Accommodations, RV, and Tent site types are bucketed as follows:
    • RV – Short Term
    • RV – Long Term
    • Deluxe Cabin
    • Camping Cabin
    • Tent

Occupancy & Revenue by Day Report

  • There was a bug reported for Pricing Groups on that report that didn’t have any inventory. In most cases, this was because the Pricing Group had been setup but never used or is no longer used. This has been corrected.
  • There was another bug reported on the CSV download format. On the date field, when the numerical month and day got into two digits each, the date was incorrectly converting the year to 2002. This has been corrected.

Reservation Comparison Report

Early this year, the Reservation Comparison Report was enhanced to compare current year to two years ago. For example, compare 2021 reservations to 2019. However, for some campgrounds, this was not working correctly. This issue was identified and this has been corrected.

Guest Activity Report

A recent update to the Guest Activity Report reintroduced some merged columns back into the Excel version. We make an effort to avoid merge cells and columns because they are cumbersome to deal with when manipulating the data. These have been fixed.

Cashiers Summary for an Employee

When running the Cashiers Summary for an Employee report for “Check All”, the report did NOT include information for users KOA Internet or Call Center Employees. This has been corrected.

Other Development

Adding a new Master Account

When adding a new Master Account for Account Billing, we’ve made an update to carry the search term from the previous screen into the ‘add new’ modal. This was done to assist the user with spelling, etc.


Remove Items or Kits from the Express Item profile lists when the Item is Inactivated

When an item or kit was included as part of an Express Item profile list, it was not being removed from the list when the item was inactivated in setup. This has been corrected.

Return Cursor to the Search Box at the end of a Sale

In the past, when a store sale was completed, the user would have to use the mouse to reposition the cursor into search field so that they could start a new sale. This has been corrected. The cursor will now automatically reposition to the search field when the sale is completed.

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