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August 29, 2023 K2 Release

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Close Site from the Booking Chart

We’ve added the ability to close a site directly from the Booking Chart.

  • Users can now click and drag over the timeframe for a site that they want to close
  • An updated modal will appear that allows the user to either Create a Reservation or Close Site
  • Next, the user can enter the start and end dates for the closure and provide a Reason
  • Site is grayed out for the closure time period. A user can hover over the closure time period, and they will see the details with the reason
  • Finally, the user can change the closure time period or cancelling it altogether by simply clicking on the site closure time period.

Things to remember:

  1. There is no special security around closing a site from the Booking Chart. If a front desk user has access to the Booking Chart, they have authority to close a site from there.
  2. You cannot close multiple sites using this feature; only single sites at a time can be closed.

Site Closures from the Setup Menu

All closures, including those created from the Booking Chart, will still be listed in the Setup -> Dates -> Site Closures menu. The following updates have been made:

  1. In the list of Site Closures screen, there is a new button on the closure record that allows you to “Inactivate” a site closure time period. This means that you can re-use the closure setup at a later point in time.
  2. There is also a ‘trash can’ icon which allows you to permanently delete a closure record. This means that you can view the closure for historical purposes, but you cannot re-use it. There is a new button close to the Search field titled “Deleted Closures” which will show a pop-up modal with all the closure records that have been deleted.

Other Development

Booking Chart Bug: Change the text of the error message received when dragging or swapping into a site that has become inactive

On rare occasions a site can become inactive by someone else on another screen while another user decides to utilize that site by moving a reservation to it. This is mostly a timing issue. The error message shown in the past was misleading “Site is occupied”. We’ve updated that message to state “Site not found”.

Freeze Title Bar on Short Term Rate Plan Screen

A minor adjustment but major improvement was made in the Short-Term Rate Plan setup screen. The issue in the past was that when you scroll towards the bottom of the rate plan, you lose visibility of the Rate Group header. Once you scroll far enough down in the screen, you will now see the Rate Group header locked at the top of the screen.

Minimum Stay Rule Bug

A bug was reported for one setup option with the Minimum Stay Rule. There was a conflict between the “Use Ignore Rule” option and the “Start Date” setting for the rule. It produced an incorrect error message at the front desk when creating a reservation. This has been corrected.

BOGO Discount Fix

While “Buy x Get y” (BOGO) discounts can be used in conjunction with the KOA Rewards discounts or other discounts, it cannot be used with another BOGO. We’ve updated the discount widget in the short-term reservation so that if a BOGO discount is selected, the user cannot select an additional BOGO discount.

KOA Rewards: Held Points Bug

An issue was reported that Held Points (Pay with Points) were not being released from a reservation when the KOA Rewards is refunded making the enrollment period expired by the time of check in. This has been corrected.


Transactions by Hour report

A request that came out of the Franchise Advisory Committee meetings in July was to bring back the Transactions by Hour report. This was a K1 KampSight report that was used to help campgrounds plan their front desk staffing levels for the day.

Found in the Analysis menu, report options include:

  1. Start Date = date must be today or in the past
  2. End Date = date must be today or in the past
  3. Breakout By User = this option will list all transactions counts grouped by time and employee.

The report lists out the count of each of the types of transactions that occur in K2 by hour with a percentage of the total. This will help you identify what time(s) of the day the highest percentage of a particular transaction type takes place. The end of the report has a section that shows the Totals (group by type of action) for the day.

Credit Card Settlement Report

A column was added to the Credit Card Settlement Report to identify the credit card processor involved in the transaction to assist with bank reconciliation. While added primarily for the Canadian campgrounds, it will show either Chase or Fiserv depending on the type of transaction.

Cashiers Summary report

Several small items were fixed in the Cashiers Summary and the Cashier Summary by Employee reports including removing merged cells in the XLSX (Excel) file type.

Coming Soon!

QuickBooks Online

Development has started for QuickBooks Online which will allow direct connection to your QBO file. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

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