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December 28, 2021 Release

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Pricing Group Photo Display Order

This recent update will allow users the ability to determine the display order for their site photos on their KOA.com landing page.

In the Pricing Group setup page, we’ve added a button to the Photos section titled “Display Order”.

Use the mouse to select a photo by clicking on the dots to the left side of the line. Hold down on the mouse button and move the line up or down to change the order. Release the mouse button when done. The order you determine here is the order these photos will be displayed on Step 2 of the online reservation process for the guest.

Select My Site Lock Code Update

When the ‘Allow Select My Site for this operation slider’ in Operation Details is changed to ‘Yes’, the corresponding Select My Site lock code in certain cases, was not being activated/moved to the Active list. This was causing the Select My Site option in KOA.com to show “Free” and the charge was not applied. Again, this was not a widespread problem; it just happened in certain cases. This has been corrected.


Charge Code Analysis Report

An enhancement was done which will allow users to identify future charges that are part of Estimated Charges so that they can measure the potential future revenue. One example of how this could be used would be to run the report for the Select My Site charge code to see how much revenue it is bringing in for your upcoming season.

KOA Rewards

Work continues on the KOA Rewards project as we prepare to move the programming off of the old KampSight system onto the new platform. Our work has been laid out into seven different milestones which allow the development team to focus on individual parts of the whole picture. From now until it’s released, KOA Rewards will take up most of our development bandwidth.

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