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December 7, 2021 Release

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K2 System Status page

Our status page was updated with a new look and more helpful information. This site is found at status.kampsight.com and is on a completely separate server than the K2 system.

Support will use this site to communicate about disruptions in service in the following areas:

  1. K2 System
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Reports
  4. KOA.com email
  5. eKamp
  6. Zingle

There are three possible statuses that could be used to communicate the status of any of these six areas. They include:

  • Operational
    If the status is ‘Operational’, it means that our monitoring has not reported any known issues.
  • Partial
    If the status is ‘Partial’, it means that our monitoring has reported that there may be issues that are partially affecting the area or perhaps only affecting certain parts of the country.
  • Outage
    If the status is ‘Outage’, it means that the particular system is down and is not operational. Rest assured, our team is aware of the problem and working quickly to resolve the issue.

Each area will show its own status, however, the banner at the top of the page will show the status of the worst area. For example, all systems may show as ‘Operational’ but Reports shows a ‘Partial’ outage. The banner at the top will show ‘Partial’.


Unpaid Charge to Site report updates

The Unpaid Charge to Site report has been enhanced to provide an option to show the details of a guest’s outstanding balance.

The report options modal has been updated to include two options: Summary and Detailed. The Summary option will produce the report exactly as it is currently.

The new Detailed option will produce the report with new additional information. Make sure to enter the reservation number for a specific guest or leave the field blank for all reservations that currently have an unpaid CTS balance.

There will be a section for each guest who has an outstanding CTS balance at the time the report is run. You will see a highlighted summary line for each Reservation/Guest with the Reservation number, Guest name, Site number, Departure date, and Unpaid CTS balance.

Underneath the individual guest summary line, you will see transactional detail for items that were charged to the site as well as payments made against the balance.

KOA Rewards

Work continues on the KOA Rewards project as we prepare to move the programming off of the old KampSight system onto the new platform. Our work has been laid out into seven different milestones which allow the development team to focus on individual parts of the whole picture. From now until it’s released, KOA Rewards will take up most of our development bandwidth.

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