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February 8, 2022 K2 Release

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Deposit Liability Report

We recently did some work to memorialize data for Deposit revenue so that we could report days in the past accurately. While completing this work, we discovered an issue with reservations that are Overdue Check Ins (reservations where the Arrival Date has come and gone but the guest wasn’t checked in). The Deposit Liability report was not showing these deposits. This has been corrected. A new section will be appended to the report which will show the reservations that are Past Due on their check in as well as the deposit amount associated with that stay.

NOTE: The Multi-Property version of this report was also updated.

Income Analysis Report

An issue was discovered the Income Analysis report when the user selected the “Region” option “Local”. The report was returning data for “National” in error. This has been corrected.

KOA Rewards

Work continues on the KOA Rewards project as we prepare to move the programming off of the old KampSight system onto the new platform. Our work has been laid out into seven different milestones which allow the development team to focus on individual parts of the whole picture. From now until it’s released, KOA Rewards will take up most of our development bandwidth.

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