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July 13, 2021 K2 Release

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Home Page Alerts

An update was made to the Home Page to make the K2 Alert messages more noticeable when there is important info from the Home Office. This was done to draw the user’s attention to known issues.

Another update was made to fix an issue with background colors with messages.

An update was made to fix the order in which the Alert messages are shown.


Operations Recap Detail Download

There was an error introduced in a previous release that affected the KampStore amounts listed in column AH of the report. It was showing incorrect amounts. This has been corrected.

Other Development

KOA Rewards Discount on Date of Expiration

The rules for KOA Rewards state the Rewards expiration date should mean the Rewards account is no longer active AFTER that date, meaning Guest should still receive full reward benefits on the expiration date itself. This has been corrected.

System Check

In an effort to make the System Check headings clear and more relevant to the user, we’ve made these minor updates:

  1. Updated the heading name for “Pricing Group Setup Issues”. The order the errors are listed has been standardized to:
    1. Pricing Groups without Sites
    2. Pricing Groups Missing Required Attributes
    3. Pricing Groups Allowed on KOA – 0 party size
    4. Pricing Groups have 9 People party size
      Note: No functionality changed with this update – just how the data is presented on the screen
  2. We created a heading name for “Site Setup Issues” which will collect the following list of errors:
    1. Sites – No Allowed Equipment has been set
    2. Sites Missing Required Attributes
    3. Sites – Selected equipment has a max length of 0
    4. Sites – Max length is set to 0

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