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July 18, 2023 K2 Release

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Waitlist Enhancements

We are excited to be releasing some enhancements to the Waitlist that have been requested by many campgrounds.

  • We’ve enhanced the Waitlist screen to show the date the Waitlist entry was made. By clicking on the column heading, you can also reorder the list by that date.
  • We’ve enhanced the Waitlist to allow a user to choose what type of site the guest is willing to wait for; options include:
    • Pricing Group (current)
    • Site Class: choose this option when the guest is willing to take a site from any Pricing Group within the Site Class.
    • Site: if the user selects this option, they will have the ability to click on the list button next to the Site Number field and see a list of sites. The user can choose the specific site the guest wants and be added to the Waitlist for that site.

Unique Email Requirement

More than 70% of our short-term reservations are made on KOA.com where there is already a requirement that the guest provides a unique email. When a guest provides a first name, last name, and a unique email address, we have gathered the minimum information needed to create or find the guest in the database. With this release, we’ve moved that requirement to the front desk as well. This provides one of the rules that will make it possible for the guest to manage their own reservation online.

  • Each Guest will be required to provide a Unique Email address
  • The effect on the Front Desk is not expected to be big since users will still be allowed to click “Refused” in the guest edit screen if the guest is unwilling to provide an email address. However, we strongly encourage Front Desk users to get an email address as often as possible.

Guest Notification

With the work completed on the guest database in 2021, the foundation for the guest to be involved in their own guest information was laid. Having the guest involved will increase overall accuracy of their information and provide a better view into the camping habits of our guests.

Like many other companies in the business world today, KOA will notify a guest when their information has changed and provide them the opportunity through their KOA.com account to manage that information.

With this release, any changes made to the following fields in the Guest Record will result in an email notification to the guest:

  • First/Last Name
  • Address
  • City/State/Zip
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address


Several report bugs were fixed with this release. They are detailed below.

Remittance Summary Report

An issue was reported that the numbers were cutting off on the Weekly totals. This was corrected.

Multi-Property Deposit Liability Report

An issue was reported that there were merged cells on the Excel version of the report, which made it difficult to manipulate the data. This has been fixed.

Long Term Charges Due Report

An issue was reported that the PDF format truncates reservation numbers over 7 digits and site numbers over 6 digits and the XLSX format truncates site numbers over 6 digits. These have been corrected to show the entire number.

Booking Chart Report

Several issues were reported. First, there was an error when opening the report in XLSX format. Second, there were merged cells on the Excel version of the report, which made it difficult to manipulate the data. Last, a campground reported a one-off situation where the report included duplicate columns for Sunday. All these issues have been fixed.

Departures Report

An issue was reported that there was an error when opening the report in XLSX format. This has been corrected.

Revenue Analysis Report

An update was made to show more of the column heading text on several of the columns so that it would be clearer to the user what the column contained.

Operations Recap Detail Download

An issue was reported that the report was limiting the KampStore item name to 12 characters which was making it difficult to reconcile with the KampStore Sales report or to cross-reference with the receipt. This has been corrected.

Flashlight Comparison Report

An issue was reported that the Flashlight Comparison shows the same data in the PCN and PCN Change columns for Deluxe Cabins and Camping Cabins. This has been corrected.

Other Development

Booking Chart Update

In the Booking Chart, users need to be prevented from swapping a reservation onto a Site that is inactive so that a reservation is not tied to a site that is no longer valid. This issue was reported from a campground, and it has been fixed.

KOA Rewards Discount and Overlap with Long-Term and Short-Term Stays

An issue was reported where the guest tried to make a short-term reservation online but were not allowed to use the Rewards discount because they already had a long-term reservation somewhere for the same time period which was causing an overlap. Since the Rewards discount cannot be used in the long-term form, this was incorrect. The system should have allowed the short-term reservation to use the discount. This has been corrected.

Reprint a Check In Receipt

An outstanding issue requested by several campgrounds was to provide the ability to reprint the Check In receipt. Currently, the reprinted receipt does not show the same detail as the original receipt when the guest checked in. This has been corrected.

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