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June 1, 2021 Release

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Multi-Property Reporting

Performance Comparison

There are enhancements made to this report based on user feedback.

  1. Comparison Year
    By default, the report compares this year to last year for the data included for each of the campgrounds in your portfolio. For most multi-property owners, comparing 2021 to 2020 has not been a good comparison because of the impact Covid had on our business. We’ve added a new report option that will allow users to use 2020 or 2019 for comparison: “Compare to 1 year ago” or “Compare to 2 years ago”.
  2. Include Deposits in Income
    When this report was created, the Net Deposits were included as part of the income section in order to capture the “flow”. As the report became more popular with some multi-property owners, some did not want to include Deposits in this way. We added a new option that will allow users to include or not include the Deposit flow in the Income section.

Note: because of report formatting, the column position will be preserved even though the data is not present.

Campground Level Reporting

Reservation Comparison Report

At the individual campground level, we added the same ability to check data on the Reservation Comparison Report against 2019 for better comparison. We’ve added a new report option for “Compare to 1 year ago” or “Compare to 2 years ago”.

Other Development

KOA Rewards Guest Recognition

  1. We’ve added a small update that will help your staff members quickly identify guests with KOA Rewards. In the ‘peek modal’, we’ve added a banner at the top that reminds staff to “Be sure to thank and recognize this guest for being enrolled in KOA Rewards”
  2. We’ve made some updates in the reservation form to make the font larger and call attention to KOA Rewards messaging.

In Case You Missed It

Resend Confirmation

We added an option to email a Confirmation if a reservation has been edited while still in Upcoming status.

Disabling Zingle

We added a pop-up to warn users about the consequences of turning off Zingle so that they would be made aware that no data will be sent to Zingle from that point forward.

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