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June 27, 2023 K2 Release

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Short Term Cancellations Enhancements

Reinstate a Cancelled Reservation to a New Site

One of the most popular requests we’ve heard from users is to make reinstating a cancelled guest possible when the site that they were previously assigned to has been taken by someone else. We tackled this challenge and added the ability to choose a new site within the same Pricing Group as the old site or choose a new site from a completely different Pricing Group.

In the Reinstate Reservation modal, there is a new message warning the user that the original site assigned to the reservation is no longer available. Under that, the user can type in a new site number, if they know it.

They can also click on the list button at the right side of the Site Number field which will pull up a grid with the available sites in the same Pricing Group as the original site. However, we’ve added a drop-down at the top which will allow the user to select a different Pricing Group. If there is availability in the Pricing Group, it will show in the grid.

Edit the Cancellation Fee Without the Need to Reinstate

We heard you! A common suggestion from our users is that they want the ability to edit a Cancellation Fee without reinstating the reservation. Now, a user with the proper authority will see a new button in the Stay Charges section when they edit a Cancelled reservation.

Clicking on the ‘Edit Cancellation Fee’ button will bring the user into the Confirm Cancellation Fees modal where they have the ability to change the fee.

Note: This functionality is security driven. We created a new security role called “Edit STS Cancel Fee” which was added to all Operation Administrators. If you want other staff members to have this functionality, “Edit STS Cancel Fee” must be added to their Security Group.


Flashlight Comparison

We are excited to release another report enhancement that was provided by Russ French in response to feedback received from the Business Forum group. This report will give a quick snapshot comparison of period over period camper nights, registrations, & PCN and allows the comparison of these KPIs to various groups of campgrounds such as state, region, brand, and the overall system.

It’s found in the Analysis drop-down list in the Reports Menu. Note: for the state, region, Brand Position, and system comparisons, actual numbers are not shown for Nights and Net Registration, just the change (up or down).

Other Development

KOA Rewards error message

Through testing, it was discovered that we have an error message that shows to the guest on KOA.com that still shows the old title of the Rewards program (“Value Kard Rewards”). This was updated to “KOA Rewards”

Allow 3 Digits in the Charge Cost Field When Editing

An error was discovered when editing a charge with a charge code that allows three decimals, such as metered electric. The ‘Pencil’ edit was not saving to three decimals. This has been corrected.

 Coming Soon – Guest Notification

With the work completed on the guest database in 2021, the foundation for the guest to be involved in their own guest information was laid. Having the guest involved will increase overall accuracy of their information and provide a better view into the camping habits of our guests.

Within the next couple of months, we will be taking a couple of small but crucial next steps for our guest database. First, we will require a guest to have a unique email address. A recent analysis of our reservations at the system level shows that 70% of our short term reservations are made on KOA.com. A unique email address is already required there. By adding this requirement to the remaining 30% of incoming reservations, we bring consistency between KOA.com and the front desk. Among other things, this small step sets the stage for us to be able to provide the guest the ability to manage their own reservations online in the future.

Additionally, we will be adding Guest Notification to K2. Like many other companies in the business world today, KOA will notify a guest when their information has changed and allow them the opportunity through their KOA.com account to manage that information. Below is a real-world example to illustrate this kind of notification.

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