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June 6, 2023 K2 Release

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Enhanced view for the Reservation Comparison Report

The Reservation Comparison Report provides a look at the number of reservations, camper nights, PCN (per camper night average rate), and Net Registration comparing a user-defined month and year to 1 or 2 years in the past. Some people find the 12 columns across the report makes the report difficult to read.

Russ French, Senior Business Development Consultant, introduced a custom format for the report information that we’re making available to the system. This enhanced format takes the 12-month columns and stacks them into four rows:

Other updates with this enhancement:

  1. The report will run in the new format by default but there is a new report option that will allow the user to run in the “Classic View” (old format) if wanted.
  2. For the new format:
    • There is an added metric for length of stay (LOS)
    • There is a “Totals” page first followed by a page for every reporting site class in order: Totals, RV, Deluxe Cabin, Camping Cabin, Tent
    • There is a graph which compares registration data between the two time periods  

Other Development

Cancellation Email

An issue with the Cancellation Emails had been reported that had to do with the format of the Cancellation email. These issues have been resolved.

Carbon Copy for Confirmation and Cancellation Emails

As we move forward on the requirement for each guest to have a unique email address, we want to provide an option that allows the guest to receive the Confirmation email but also allows the email to be copied to a third party. This is common with tour operators and guests booking reservations for other family members or friends.

In the Guest Information widget in both the short-term and long-term reservation forms, we’ve added an optional field for a single carbon copy email address.

NOTE: We’ve limited the emails that get cc:’d to only the Confirmation email and the Cancellation email.

Coming Soon – Guest Notification

With the work completed on the guest database in 2021, the foundation for the guest to be involved in their own guest information was laid. Having the guest involved will increase overall accuracy of their information and provide a better view into the camping habits of our guests.

Within the next couple of months, we will be taking a couple of small but crucial next steps for our guest database. First, we will require a guest to have a unique email address. A recent analysis of our reservations at the system level shows that 70% of our short term reservations are made on KOA.com. A unique email address is already required there. By adding this requirement to the remaining 30% of incoming reservations, we bring consistency between KOA.com and the front desk. Among other things, this small step sets the stage for us to be able to provide the guest the ability to manage their own reservations online in the future.

Additionally, we will be adding Guest Notification to K2. Like many other companies in the business world today, KOA will notify a guest when their information has changed and allow them the opportunity through their KOA.com account to manage that information. Below is a real-world example to illustrate this kind of notification.

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