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May 12, 2021 Release

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Special Update Message for Guest Database

We are excited about the upcoming release for the newly redesigned guest database in K2. Even though there aren’t a lot of changes to see in the screens, this work creates an essential foundation to meet the future needs of our system.

The results of an internet search for the “power of data” illustrate the numerous benefits of data for any business. KOA is no different. Good data and a good understanding of that data are crucial and give our system the competitive advantage. The key to tapping into this power is to start with a strong foundation with our database. How the data is structured plays a vital role in how it is used and how it grows to meet future needs.

Our old data model centered on the reservation. In the new model, we’ve expanded that focus so that we can interact with the data from both a reservation and Guest perspective.

What are the benefits of this redesign?

  1. One Source of Truth
    This model moves us towards a single source of ‘truth’ for all guest information. The goal is to eliminate the need to synchronize guest data across multiple data sources. This will have the end result of promoting data integrity across all of our technology.
  2. Unique Guest Record
    The rules have been loose in the past for allowing multiple names in the first name field of the guest record and for allowing multiple variations of the same name. It’s made it almost impossible from a data standpoint to recognize that a new guest entered is actually a duplicate. Duplication in the guest database is counterproductive to our desired results. By having each guest record represent a unique individual person, we get a clearer picture of the overall guest journey and can target ways to bring them back to your campground.
  3. Performance
    The overall performance of the software is improved by this model. An efficient design reduces waiting times for screens to load and makes searching guest information more responsive.
  4. Efficient Storage
    In the world of data, storage can be equated to money. More storage means higher cost. This model provides much more efficient storage.
  5. Poised for Growth
    This model positions K2 very well for future growth because it is more flexible. This means enhancements will take less time and effort.
  6. A Wealth of Data
    From a marketing standpoint, this model allows us to easily capture data about the guest. Understanding the life cycle of the guest gives us powerful insight to reach guests with our message.

How does this change my day-to-day work?

  1. The most significant change is that the guest owns their own guest record.
    • If you edit a guest’s contact information, the guest will be notified.This means that the changes you make to the guest record are transparent to the guest.Within the next several weeks, K2 will send an email to the guest when their information has been updated, similar to many other online platforms that notify you when your information is updated. This will allow the guest to verify the old address against the new which will improve the overall accuracy of the guest information.
    • When you change the guest information for a reservation on your campground, the update will be reflected in every reservation across the system that uses that same guest record.This means that it is very important you don’t edit a guest and change the name to create a NEW guest.It is appropriate to make the guest information accurate by editing. It is not appropriate to turn the guest record into a different guest by editing. To help remind you, we will produce a warning anytime the ‘Edit this Guest’ button in clicked.Do not edit a guest to make them a new person. Use the “Choose New Guest” button in the Guest Information widget to add a new guest.
  2. In the past, the system allowed users to enter two names in the first name field for husband and wife, so one record represented two people. As harmless at it may seem, this causes challenges with the search routines when you’re trying to find a guest. In the new model, each guest will have their own unique guest record.This means you will not be able to put two names in the first name field as in “Bob/Betty” Smith.The system will identify when two names have been entered and show an error message on the name field.
  3. Several fields will be removed from the Edit Guest pop-up screen. When we researched the subject, we found that these fields were only used in 0.001% of the guest records in the database. The fields being removed include: GENDER, BIRTHDAY, SPOUSE’S FIRST NAME, and SPOUSE’S LAST NAME. We have plans for future development to provide a way to link spouses/significant others together in a different way.
  4. With the changes in the guest database, we have the ability to recreate the guest information at any point in the past. However, two reports will be changed to always show the guest’s CURRENT contact information since they are used for guest communications.
    • Guest Contact List
    • Guest Activity Report

  Check out the video here.

Other Development

KOA Rewards

A minor update was made to make the font larger for the Rewards messaging in the Rewards section of the reservation form.

Resend Confirmation After Editing Reservation

An enhancement was made that will allow the user to resend the confirmation email after a reservation has been edited.

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