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October 10, 2023 K2 Release

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KOA Rewards:

Refund link in Standalone Rewards Menu

When using the ‘Rewards Sales’ in the Standalone Rewards menu to Refund a Rewards, it also displayed the Renewal tab, which was confusing since you requested a Refund. Now, once you select ‘Refund’ from the Rewards Sales list, the only option/tab you will see on the main screen will be ‘Refund.’

Out of Balance Transactions when the Tax Rate changes:

It was reported that Rewards transactions were Out of Balance when the Tax Rate changes between the time of Purchase/Renewal and Refund. K2 will now use the Tax Rate from the Purchase/Renewal when a refund is done.

Coming Soon!

QuickBooks Online

Development has started for QuickBooks Online which will allow direct connection to your QBO file. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

Online Reservation Management

Development has started on giving the guest the ability to edit their reservation through their KOA.com account. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

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