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October 5, 2021 K2 Release

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Important Updates for Guest Database

With the release of the Guest Database changes earlier this year, we made several improvements to help maintain the integrity of our guest data. Namely, we warned users when they clicked on the “Edit the Guest” button that they would be changing the guest information for every reservation in the system that was attached to that guest record, not just the reservation they were currently in. With this release, we’re adding to those improvements.

Group Members Edit

We have an issue when the user edits a guest record for a group member when they really mean to assign a new guest to the group member reservation. When this happens, every reservation attached to that guest record becomes the new person. It creates a lot of work for our Support team (as well as your front desk staff) when we have to call to help you correct these cases.

With this release, if the Up Coming reservation is part of a Group Reservation, the “Edit this Guest” button in the reservation form will be disabled. Changes to the guest must be made by selecting a new guest. This is only while the reservation is in Up Coming status.

Creating a New Guest on “Over-editing”

Users of K2 needed some built-in assistance to seamlessly help them determine when the amount of information they’ve edited in the Guest Record actually constitutes a New Guest.

New programming will assess how much of the guest record has been updated and create a new guest record automatically for them if a threshold has been exceeded. This will help users to make fewer mistakes in handling the Guest Record and concentrate on the guest experience at the front desk.

Other Development

Booking Chart – Drag and Drop

In rare instances, the Booking Chart would not allow you to drag and drop a reservation if you positioned your mouse over the first part of the calendar day, not the last part of the day. This has been corrected.

Booking Chart – Shows duplicates

Another rare issue was reported that there seemed to be a loading issue sporadically that would result in displaying multiple reservation duplicates in the Booking Chart. This issue has been resolved.

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