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September 14, 2021 K2 Release

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Booking Chart – Updates for color blindness

An exciting new update for the Booking Chart will allow users to toggle on/off special formatting to help those who deal with color blindness.

The toggle is found in the upper right corner of the chart. Click it to turn the feature on or off.

With the feature on, the chart line items will look different. Special patterns have been defined to help distinguish between Reservations, On-Site, Checked-Out, Hold, Overstayed, and Pending. There is a legend in the right panel that shows the user the patterns used for each.

While it is simple to turn this setting on and off, it is cached by user and the system will ‘remember’ the last setting.


Accommodations Site Revenue Analysis report

In September of 2020, we added a special landing page for franchisees who own multiple properties, to provide an easier way for them to access reporting for all of their properties in one place rather than having to go into each operation.

With this release, we’ve added a new tool to our Multi-Property Reporting which will help these owners to measure the performance of each of their accommodation units. The ‘Accommodations Site Revenue Analysis’ report can be found in the Multi-Property Reporting menu.

Report options allow you to select start and end dates which must be within 366 days of each other. Each site is listed separately. The type of accommodation and the number of bedrooms are listed along with the Site Revenue, Nights, Stays, Average Stay Revenue, and PCN.

Some additional rules:

  1. This report will only include the Accommodations Site Class.
  2. The data can only be run for the past, not the future.
  3. Data represents both short term and long term stays. It is noted that most campgrounds do not allow long terms stays in their accommodation sites.
  4. The report can only be run up to a year (366 day span).
  5. This report is defined as a K2 report only. It will not include data prior to the campground migrating to K2.

Market Group Report

The Market Group report has been updated to include a report option filter which will allow you to see “All stays”, “Stays with pets only”, or “Stays without pets only”.

Additionally, an enhancement was made to the Market Group report that will help users who download it into Excel for analysis activities.

  • The report was updated to include all reporting site classes all the time, regardless of whether or not the campground has inventory in the reporting site class. This will help with the consistency of the data when comparing different campgrounds for multi-property views. If the campground doesn’t have data in the reporting site class, it will just show zeros.
  • This also corrects the issue that was reported regarding inappropriate page breaks.

Site Revenue Analysis

The Site Revenue Analysis has long been a report that took a lot of system resources to run. While no changes have been made to the contents of the report, it has been made to run more efficiently in the background which should be seen in reduced processing times.

Operations Recap Detail Download

An enhancement was made to this download that will allow a user to include inactive Pricing Groups in the report if there is data for them. Previously, this data was not included by default and would cause discrepancies between the Operations Recap Detailed Download and the Operations Summary.

Other Development

Check In Receipt Messages on Cancellation Receipts

It was found the Check In type Receipt Messages were printing on Cancellation Receipts and should not have been. This was corrected.

Long Term Stay Menu Sort Option

The Long Term Stay menu was enhanced to allow the user to sort by the “Next Payment Date” column by simply clicking on the heading of the column.

Employee Setup

In order to ensure K2 doesn’t have any issues if an Employee Username field needs to be searched and processed, we need to not allow a space to be entered and/or saved in that username setup field. This has been corrected.

K2 Status Page

Anytime there’s some sort of outage with K2, we strive to get you the information you need to know about the outage and more importantly, how long before it gets fixed. We commonly use alerts in K2 itself to communicate these issues as well as other methods such as Facebook.

We recently updated a site that we use to use with KampSight – the KampSight status page. This page has been rebranded to be the “K2 Status” page and we’ve changed the link to status.kampsight.com.

The most useful thing about this site is that it’s available from any device anytime of the day or night. It is NOT part of K2 itself meaning if K2 is completely down for some reason, you will still be able to access this site. When an issue is identified, out team will update this site as information becomes available to keep you informed. Entries are identified with the date and time and listed in newest to oldest order to help you clearly follow the chain of events.

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