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December 18, 2018 Release

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K2’s Canadian PIN Pad Solution is Ready!

With this release, we will deploy the programming needed for our card present, PIN Pad solution in Canada.

We have partnered with a company called Blackline to provide the ‘middleman’ solution between your front desk and Chase Paymentech. There is a three step process for setting up PIN pad devices with Blackline for Canada.

    Users must follow a short, one-time procedure at the campground on the PIN Pad device to put the device into ‘semi-integrated’ mode. See instructions here.
    Users must download and install Blackline’s software on at least one of their pc’s within their internal network which will manage the communication between the PIN Pad device, K2, and Chase Paymentech Canada. The computer must be active on their network at all times in order for the PIN Pad devices to be used. Download software here.
    The Home Office must enter a credit card configuration for Blackline in K2 before credit card processing can begin.
    Device: the PIN Pad devices will be provided through Chase Paymentech Canada. No pricing information was available at the time of this release announcement. For ordering information, please call Chase Paymentech Canada help desk at 800-265-5158.
    Blackline Fees: the Blackline contract is being finalized. However, there will be a monthly fee per device that will be between $9.00 and $15.00.
    Paymentech Fees: Since card-present transactions with Blackline will run through Chase Paymentech Canada, normal transaction fees apply; no new fees will be assessed.


Most of the report work done for this release was focused on correcting bugs or making minor improvements as a result of feedback from campgrounds on K2.

  • Ops Recap
    The Ops Recap was updated to remove the ‘page next’ buttons to move between pages when you view the report on the screen. You can now just scroll to the bottom of the report right in the screen.
  • Download Icon
    We added a ‘tooltip’ on the download icon in the top part of a report when it’s displayed onscreen that clearly tells the user that the icon is the button to push for ‘Download’ options.
  • Occupancy & Revenue Report
    An update was made in how the report shows Short Term revenue that’s posted on the day of checkout or after.
  • Site Grid Report
    A small change was made to the Site Grid report to correctly show a departure and an arrival on the same day.

  • Snapshot Report
    Due to the graphical nature of the Snapshot, we removed the ability to download that report in Excel or CSV formats. It can now only be downloaded as a PDF.
  • Housekeeping Cleaning List
    By special request from feedback, we added a column on this report to show the number of people on the site.


  • In the Payment modal, the use of a voucher for a payment type will now require an actual voucher number to be entered.
  • There was an issue in the Long Term Stay form that happened when a reservation was cancelled and the Cancellation Fee was the total amount of the Deposit that had already been paid. The Cancellation Fee was not getting posted correctly, which showed the reservation as out of balance. Support would have to use a work-around known as a ‘penny-in, penny-out’ trick to get the charge to post. This has been CORRECTED and should no longer be a problem.

Other Development

  • We’ve added a System Check for Long Term reservations that have not been assigned a Rate Plan. This will help campgrounds who are migrating to K2 to quickly identify Long Reservations that need to be reviewed.
  • The Foreign Currency functionality was updated to fix several small issues including showing on the currencies the campground has chosen to accept (rather than ALL foreign currencies), as well as an update to the Payment screen which will immediately convert the Amount Due into the expected amount due in the Foreign Currency.

Additional Items

  • Programming was added to correctly handle KOA Vouchers through the remittance process. This programming only affected the KOA Home Office accounting of the use of vouchers, which has been largely discontinued.
  • The Payment modal in the KampStore now defaults to “PIN Pad” instead of “Manual”.


With many campgrounds moving to K2, we looked at a bug that was causing duplicate sites to be created when using “Create Multiple” function in Site Setup. This mainly affected campgrounds who were starting from scratch. This bug has been fixed.

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