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December 23, 2019 Release

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NEW! Occupancy Graph

We have an exciting new addition to our report offerings. The Occupancy Graph report will help users to visualize their occupancy over time and identify opportunities for increasing occupancy.

Report options include:

  1. Daily or Monthly
    The graph can be produced to show occupancy on a daily basis for the report time period or it can be rolled up to a monthly level.
  2. Pricing Group
    The graph can be produced by looking at all of your Pricing Groups, selecting one single Pricing Group, or by selecting whatever combination you choose.
  3. Start Date/End Date
    The Start Date is defaulted to today (current date) and the End Date is defaulted to six months from today. These fields allow for past or future dates. In the monthly view of the graph, occupancy is only reported for the portion of the month the user requests in the dates.


Report rules:

  1. This report is not real time due to processing demands. It is accurate as of the previous day.
  2. Reporting Occupancy
    • Occupancy for today (current date) into the future is based on reservations currently checked in and anticipated occupancy for future reservations.
    • Occupancy for dates in the past is based on actual occupancy.
  3. Dual Use Sites
    • It should be noted that occupancy for sites setup as ‘Dual Use’ will be reported under that site’s PRIMARY Pricing Group.
  4. Closed Sites are included in the total site count (available sites) but are not counted as occupied. For example, if there are 10 sites, 9 are closed and 1 is occupied, the occupancy will be calculated as 10%.

Market Group Report & Yearly Reports

The Market Group Reports for the Nov 2018 – Oct 2019 reporting season are now available on the *Web reports site as well as the Yearly ADR and Occupancy charts.


  • It was reported by many campgrounds that the Item Search in KampStore was not producing matching items. The search logic has been updated to improve the search results.
  • There was an issue reported in KampStore and Charge to Site. When the user entered the site number for the search, the system seemed to return incorrect information during the time that it took to load the search results. This has been corrected.

Other Development


  • A minor update was made to the Group Reservations list page. Clicking on the “Group” column header will now sort the information by Group Number.


  • There was a rare issue when inactivating (removing) a site from setup. The system doesn’t allow a site to be inactivated if there is a reservation on it. However, it was allowing a site to be inactivated with a ‘Pending’ reservation, such as those used in the Site Block for Groups. This has been corrected.

Future Development

  • Group Enhancement: Master Account pays deposits
  • Multi-Property Reporting platform

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