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February 12, 2019 Release

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We are excited to announce the release of the new KampStore! With the new KampStore you will find a touch screen friendly interface, customizable lists of common items, and interactive shopping cart and easy payment options. Details of these features are described below.

Overall Design

  • The new store can be divided into three separate parts:
    • Item Entry Area
    • Cart Area
    • Sale Recap Area
  • KampStore was designed to be touch-screen friendly
  • Can be used in full screen mode, tablet, or on a mobile device. The screen layout will change as the size of the display screen is changed.
  • Provides tools for quick sales items
  • Optimized for full screen or smaller mobile screens

Item Entry

There are several ways to select an item being purchased.

  1. Scan the Item
    If your items are setup using bar codes, simply scan the product and the item will be updated into the cart. As items are scanned, they are added to the top of the cart list. If an item is scanned multiple times, it will increase the quantity on the item line. Depending on your internet speed, there may be a slight delay when scanning.
  2. Type in the Item Name
    Some campgrounds still use generic codes for their store items. For example, “2” for Dairy Products or “9” for RV Supplies. You still the ability to simply type in the item number and the item will add to the cart.
  3. Search for the Item
    The search functionality works the same as it did in the previous version of KampStore, but has been improved. Start by placing the cursor on the Search field.

    • As you begin to type in the name of the item you’re looking for, the system will start showing you results in a drop down up to the top 10 results. The search looks for an exact match on SKU first, than an exact match on the Item Name second, and then looks for items that ‘contain’ your search terms. If the system finds an exact match, it will be automatically added to the cart. If it doesn’t, you will be given a list of possible matches. Once you locate the item you want, click on it and it will be added to the cart.
  4. New with KampStore is the ability to create custom Item Lists
    These Item Lists can be especially handy for those items that don’t have a bar code, such as firewood or ice. Item Lists allow you to setup quick buttons for these commonly used items. The default list is called ‘Express Items’.

    • Item lists are easy to create or edit and the buttons can be color coordinated to help keep similar items together.
    • Multiple lists can be setup for different store areas or for different times of the day. For example, you can create a profile for Breakfast Items, Afternoon Sales, Ice Cream Socials, or whatever you want!
    • The user can switch between lists at any time before or during a transaction by clicking the arrow to the right of the label “Express Items”. Their choice will be remembered by username for that computer.
    • There is currently no limit to the number of items that can be put into a list. However, you’ll want to pay attention to how many you’re able to add before you have to scroll down to see them all.
    • The ability to setup or edit an Express Items list is tied to a security role for the user. They must have the “Setup KampStore” security group.
    • The image below is an example of an Express Item list. Simply click on the button and it will be added to the cart.
    • For items that are setup to have the user key in the price or the quantity, the Express Items are ‘toggles’ to display a keypad to allow quick entry.

Working with Cart

  • As each new item is scanned or entered, a line item is added to the top of the cart so scrolling will not be needed to see the new item. If the same item is scanned or entered multiple times, the quantity amount for the item will increase rather than creating a new line.
  • Quantities can be adjusted by clicking the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ icons.
  • To edit a line item, click on an individual line item which will allow the user to edit the quantity, price, and add or remove a discount for that item. Once editing is complete, click on the checkmark to save the edits or the ‘X’ to abandon the changes.
  • A garbage can be clicked to delete the item from the cart.
  • Discounts can be added on an individual line by clicking on the line item and adding the discount code.
  • A discount can also be added to every item in the cart all at once by clicking the ‘+ Discount’ button and there is a lookup provided.
  • Also available in the cart area is a button for ‘No Sale’ (produces a ‘blank’ receipt to pop the cash drawer) and an option to ‘Clear Cart’ (clears the cart and abandons the sale).

Sale Recap Area – Completing the sale

  • The recap area shows the Sub Total of the all the items in the cart.
  • If any discounts were applied, the total will show here.
  • If items are taxable, the total amount of tax calculated for the cart will show here. The dollar amount line can be clicked on, which allows the user to make the entire cart tax exempt.
  • If payment is made in multiple parts (part in cash and part with a credit card), the ‘Paid’ field will show how much has been paid so far.
  • The ‘Amount Due’ field represents the amount that is owing on the cart.
  • Clicking on any of the payment buttons will produce a pop-up, which will allow the user to process the payment.

Available from within a Reservation

Jumping over to the store from within the reservation form will use this same new screen. However, rather than showing the payment buttons, it will show a button labeled “Continue” which will pull the sale into the reservation form and allow it to be paid there.

Other Development

Our focus has been primarily on finishing the development work on the KampStore, but listed below are some other items that were completed.


  • We currently have 124 campgrounds on K2 and migrated over 30 from KampSight to K2 in January! We are making progress and continue to refine our migration process with each new campground we bring on.


  • We added a prompt to warn users when they’re making a reservation with an arrival date in the past. This message will appear for both Reservations and Walk Ins.
  • On the Home Page, we changed the default sort order for the Arrivals list. It will now show reservations by arrival date with a secondary sort by Last Name.


  • We corrected an issue with Notes that created duplicates when the ‘Save’ button was clicked multiple times in quick succession.
  • We updated receipts to include the Brand Position name of the campground.
  • We fixed an issue in the long term reservation form with the Rate Plan drop-down showing when the form was accessed through the ‘peek modal’ with the ‘Payments’ button.


  • National Promotions Discount Setup: Users will no longer be able to alter or swap out the image setup on National Promotions. This was done to maintain brand consistency for these system-wide events.
  • KampStore Setup:
    • The option to designate a ‘Parent Department’ was removed from KampStore Setup. It was originally designed as a way to group Departments into a higher category. However, with this release, it will no longer be available.
    • The option to ‘Key Quantity’ was added to KampStore Item Setup.
    • Several unused options were removed from the KampStore Discount Setup.

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