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February 16, 2021 Release

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Operations Recap

The Operations Recap report was updated to categorize a Money Order payment using the “MO” Money Order reserved payment type under “Check & Trav Check Transactions” category in Part 3 rather than ‘Cash’.

Pickup Report

It was reported that campgrounds utilizing Season rate plans were missing revenue and PCN data between Monday, 1/4/21 as compared to Monday, 1/11/21. This was caused by a data memorialization issue and has been corrected.

Reporting Revenue for Unclaimed Group Reservations on the Occupancy & Revenue by Day and the Pickup reports

Unclaimed Group Reservations presented a challenge on these two reports for reporting revenue. Normally, when a reservation is in an ‘Upcoming’ status, the report programming uses the Estimated Charges to report potential revenue for the reservation. Unclaimed Group Reservations are technically in a ‘Pending’ status which means they do not have Estimated Charges yet. This meant that the occupancy was counted in these reports, but no off-setting revenue so the PCN was skewed. We’ve updated the program that builds these reports to build out the Estimated Charges for Unclaimed Group, short term reservations based on the Pricing Group rates in place for the time period. These estimates will be used for reporting until the site is claimed and new Estimated Charges are built.

Other Development


We continue to work through the reservation form, optimizing each area to work from smaller mobile devices. With this release, the Guest Information widget was completed.

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