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February 25, 2020 Release

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Review Menu Updates

We’ve made an enhancement to the Review Menu to help identify when a guest with an incoming reservation from KOA.com has other reservations on the campground. The user will now see the text “Additional reservations exist for this guest”.

When they click on the text, a modal will appear that lists the additional Upcoming & On Site reservations as well as reservation History. The system will show a message if the reservation overlaps the current reservation or if it appears to be consecutive (directly before or after) the current reservation. More information for a particular reservation can be viewed by clicking on the ‘+’ button to the left of the reservation.


Deposit Liability Report

There were issues reported with the formatting of the downloaded xls or csv files of the report. It was found that certain columns were merged and the heading was showing on each page, making sorting the spreadsheet difficult. These issues have been corrected.

KampStore Receipts

A minor update was made to add the negative sign in front of the quantity when an Item is returned.

Reservation Receipts

A minor update was made to change the label from “Children” to “Kids” on reservation receipts.

Other Development

Cancellation modal

In response to many requests, we’ve added “No Show” as a Cancellation Reason in the Cancellation modal.

KampStore Department Setup column sort

A minor update was made to fix the sorting when the user clicked on the column headings for “Tax Table” or “Pricing Group”. The data will now sort properly.

Reassign Rates Minor Bug

An issue was reported that the Reassign Rates functionality would “hang up” and not complete under rare circumstances. This has been corrected.


Occupancy & Revenue by Day and Occupancy Calendar reports

If you received the pre-release announcement, you will notice that the updates for the Occupancy & Revenue by Day report is NOT included in this release. We removed it from the update to allow more time for user acceptance testing.

Future Development

  • Multi-Property Reporting platform
  • Manual Site Optimization in the Booking Chart

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