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February 4, 2020 Release

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Other Development

Booking Chart

An update was made that will allow the system to ‘remember’ the user’s settings for displaying or minimizing the right column.

Charge Sort Order on Confirmation

When Additional Required Fees functionality was released in November, 2019, we worked on the sort order for charges to be listed on KOA.com and the email Confirmation by putting nightly fees above all other charges. We found there was still some work to do.

With this release, ‘Other’ charges that are nightly will be grouped under the Site Charges.


Cashier Summary for an Employee

An issue was reported on the Cashier Summary for an Employee report where the word ‘null’ was printing in the Description column. This has been corrected.

There was another issue reported with the Cashier Summary Report where the incorrect currency symbol was showing due to the browser that was being used. This has been corrected.

Charge Code Analysis – Improvements for Tax analysis

A request came to produce a report that will show a detailed list of transactions for both Registration and Non-Registration type charges that are taxed as well as untaxed. We’ve made updates to the existing Charge Code Analysis Report to provide this detail.

The report options were updated to include a drop-down which allows the user to show ‘All Charges’, ‘Taxed charges only’, or ‘Untaxed charges only’.

Guest Contact List

An update was made in the Guest Contact List report to unmerge several columns in the downloaded report that were making sorting the data difficult. Another issue with missing Phone1 data in the downloaded file was fixed.

Future Development

  • Multi-Property Reporting platform
  • Manual Site Optimization in the Booking Chart

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