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January 14, 2020 Release

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NEW! Group Enhancement: Master Account pays Deposits

We are excited to announce the ability for the Master Account to pay the deposits of the individual group members to our Group functionality.

This functionality utilizes the Account Billing functionality, tying it together with the Group Master Account. When creating or editing a Group Reservation, the Stay Information modal has a new option: “Master Account Pays Deposits”.

Reservations are claimed from the Site Block in the normal way, but the Payments widget in the reservation form has been updated. The Master Account information will now show in the payment buttons section with the note “Master Account is paying deposit”. Click on the “Account Billing” button to pay.

The Payment modal will appear with the Account information for the Group pre-selected. To complete the payment, click “Apply Payment”. There is a pop-up to confirm the choice.

If, for some reason, the individual reservation’s deposit WILL NOT be paid by the Master Account, the user can click on ‘Change payment’ and apply a payment from another payment type.

The reservation will show a payment line of the amount and the payment type will indicate the account name.

An account balance can be paid at any time by going to the Account Billing menu and choosing the account.

If an individual reservation is cancelled, the user has the ability to refund to the Account. In the screenshot below, the reservation was cancelled with a $10.00 Cancellation Fee. The remaining balance was refunded to the Account.

Guidelines for use:

  • In order to use an Account for this purpose, it must be an active account.
  • There were no changes made to the process of claiming a site for an individual group member if the group leader is not paying for the deposit.
  • While the user can change the Payment Method for the guest when taking the deposit payment, they cannot select a different account other than the one set up for the group if using this functionality.
  • This functionality is only part of the Group Reservation process; it cannot be used in other pre-stay scenarios.
  • If an Account is made inactive while there is still active group reservations or if the “Master Account Pays Deposits” flag is changed to No, the normal payment buttons will appear in the Payment widget of the reservation form when the site is claimed from a Group Reservation.

Other Development


A minor change on the following reports removed the K2 logo and replaced it with the KOA logo.

  1. Credit Card Settlement Report
  2. Deposit Liability Report
  3. Long Term Charges Due Report
  4. Operations Recap Report
  5. Site Revenue Analysis Report
  6. Booking Chart Report
  7. Rate Group Calendar Report

Charge Sort Order on Confirmation

There was a minor change made to the sort order of charges shown on KOA.com and the Reservation Confirmation email. One-time charges will now be grouped at the bottom of the table.

Pricing Group Setup/Additional Required Fees

An update was made to add Help text to the modal where Additional Required Fees are setup in the Pricing Group. This was done to make it more clear to the user where the additional fees are applied.

Future Development

  • Multi-Property Reporting platform
  • Manual Site Optimization in the Booking Chart

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