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January 15, 2019 Release

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Payment Modal Updates

  • In November, we redesigned the Payment Modal that’s used any time you take a payment in K2. At that time, we
    Made the Amount Due and Balance fields more prominent so that they would be clearer to the user.
  • Made the Payment buttons larger so they are easier to see on screen and are a step towards making our screens more touchscreen friendly.
  • Made the Payment buttons display in alphabetical order for the first five payment types. The Other button listed the remaining payment types in alphabetical order in a drop-down.

As a follow-up to those improvements, we wanted to develop a way for you to customize the order of the payment buttons. We are excited to announce that work is done with this release!

From the Payment Types setup page, click on ‘Customize Buttons’

Choose the tab for which button set you want to customize: KampStore or ‘Default’ (all other payment areas). The payment types that are available from your setup will appear in the left column. Simply click on the type you want and drag it into position in the button grid.

Note: Types ‘Cash’ and ‘Credit Card’ are always in the top positions and cannot be moved.

KampSight to K2 Migration Update

For those of you still on the fence about converting to K2, we want you to be aware that we’ve made significant improvements to the migration process. There are now more than 100 campgrounds on K2!

The process happens in two steps: Setup Migration, and later, Reservation Migration.

Setup Migration

  • When you’re ready, contact the support department and let them know. To help with the process, we will migrate your KampSight setup data to K2. This includes your sites, rates, charge codes, UDFs, etc. We run this process to one of our testing servers first, before you see it, so that we can identify any issues that you may face in advance. This step has been a key improvement to ensuring a successful migration.
  • After we’ve tested your setup migration, we’ll run the migration to the production server – this means that it becomes available for you to see and work with. You can then work through the Setup Assistant, a built-in program that guides you through the steps to verify that K2 is setup how you want.

Reservation Migration

  • When you’re done with setup, the support team will work with you to schedule when you want to go live on K2 and you will be added to our queue.
  • Before your reservations are available for you to see, we will do a trial run of the data to one of our test servers so that we can test for issues with your reservations. If our development team identifies any issues, they will communicate to the support team who will work with you to resolve them.
  • Once testing of the reservation migration is complete, the support team will discuss a go live date with you. Going Live on K2 means that your reservations are migrated in an overnight process, credit cards are turned on in K2, and the ability for a guest to make reservations on KOA.com is moved from KampSight to K2.

We continue to make improvements to this process as more campgrounds have converted and several were made as part of this release.


An update was made for Canadian campgrounds using the Blackline Terminal credit card solution which will prevent the credit card terminal from being used on KOA Gift Card purchases. This was done because Blackline is unable to separate the Gift Card purchase into KOA’s separate merchant account. Gift Card purchases in Canada must have the credit card number manually keyed in.

Other Development

    As more campgrounds have converted to K2, we have found that we needed to have some dedicated time to take care of system maintenance without affecting the day to day business of the campgrounds on K2. With this release, we are establishing a Maintenance Window similar to that of KampSight.

    • Users will not be able to access the system during these Maintenance Windows.
    • If a user is logged on at the time the maintenance period starts, they will be logged off.
      • The maintenance period will occur nightly, from 1:30am to 2:00am MST with the exception of Tuesdays, which will be 1:30am to 2:30am MST. Users will be given a warning 60 minutes prior to the time.
    • The second Wednesday of every month, we will have a 4 hour Maintenance Window to give us the ability to do some ‘deeper cleaning’ of the guest and VKR databases. This once-a-month maintenance period will run from 12:00am to 4:00am MST. Users will be given a 120 minute warning prior to that time.
    We made a formatting change to the date fields in the QuickBooks IIF file to accommodate a change in the 2019 version of QuickBooks.
    An update was made to the Cancellation Email to fix the amount of the deposit paid listed.
    We made a couple of updates to the System Check to help make the information presented more useful:

    • “Discounts without Sites” check will no longer include discounts that the campground has opted out of or that are not marked as ‘Active’.
    • “Rates Not Setup” check will no longer include issues with Rate Plans that have expired (in the past).


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