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January 5, 2021 Release

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Season Dates

With this release, campgrounds will now be able to maintain their Season Dates within K2. Start by navigating to Operation Setup, which has a new option in the Dates menu titled “Season Dates”.

Calendar Season Dates

For campgrounds who are open seasonally, add your open dates here. Please note that the dates you enter will have a direct impact on what the guest sees in the ‘availability’ calendars on KOA.com during the reservation process. Multiple date spans are allowed for future planning, however, the date spans cannot overlap.

The Calendar Season date opens the calendar up on KOA.com for reservations to be made. The time frames that are in between one Close Date and the following Open Date are grayed out on the availability calendar the guest sees. Therefore, they’re unable to make a reservation. This only affects online reservations – your front desk will still be able to make reservations if needed.

Last Internet Date

This date field has been moved from the Rate Calendar to this setup screen. However, we provided a link in the Rate Calendar to jump to this setup screen. The Last Internet Date field allows you to define the last date that you’ll allow a reservation to be made online.

Season to Display on KOA.com

With this enhancement, we moved the Season to Display dates out of the KOA.com CMS and added them to this setup screen. The display dates are used in several locations on KOA.com to show guests what your normal season is, in text. In K2, users will be able to select a month and day from drop-downs that will build the text that will display for the Season. The display text is not editable.

Open All Year?

If your campground is open all year round, your options in this new screen are limited. You will be able to maintain the ‘Last Internet Date’.


The Season Display Dates text that is currently setup in the CMS will be pulled into K2 for the from and to dates unless your campground is open all year.

FlashLight Report (Multi-Property)

The Home Office has used this report for years and we have now made it available to multi-property owners. The FlashLight Report is a comparison report that can be run across one, several, or all of the campgrounds in your portfolio. It shows year over year comparisons for camper nights, PCN, and registrations broken out by RV STS, RV LTS, Deluxe Cabin, Camping Cabin, and Tent. This information provides key insight to the performance of your campgrounds.

From the Multi-Property Reporting landing page, click on the “Multi-Property Reports” drop down and select ‘FlashLight’.

Report Options:

The FlashLight report allows you to select several options:

  1. “FlashLight Date”
    Select the end date for the year to date option. The YTD time frame will begin with the first Monday of the year and end at the date the user specifies with this option.
  2. “Report Dual Use Sites By Actual Use”
    This option allows the user to decide how Dual Use sites will report – either as the site was actually used, or as the Primary Pricing Group.
  3. “Select Operation”
    The user can only select campgrounds that are in their portfolio. Additionally, the campgrounds selected must have data in both years (this year and last year) to be included on the report.

Key notes:

  1. This report is built from data from our virtual data warehouse. This means it will include data from both K1 and K2 if appropriate to the time period. It also means it cannot be run for the current day.
  2. For revenue reporting, the Charge date is used to determine if the revenue should be included on the report, not the Arrival date. This will allow for alignment between the Operations Recap report and the FlashLight. Registration numbers are reported as net registration, not gross. Charges include K1 ‘Type 10’ charges and K2’s ‘Registration’ charges. Cancellation Fees are NOT included. Lastly, registration totals are rounded.
  3. The FlashLight does not include site type “Other”. Accommodations, RV, and Tent site types are bucketed as follows:
    1. RV – Short Term
    2. RV – Long Term
    3. Deluxe Cabin
    4. Camping Cabin
    5. Tent


Pickup Report

  • An update was made to the report option for selecting Pricing Groups. The “All” option was removed since it is redundant to the “Check All” option.
  • Another update to the Pickup Report was to allow more digits in the PCN columns. Previously, if the PCN calculated amount was too large, the last digit on the right would be cut off in the report.
  • Another error was reported when using the “Next 120 Days” option when the campground didn’t have reservations in the next 120 days but did have reservations further out into the future. This has been corrected.

Sites Report

Two minor updates were made to the Sites Report. The column for the Pricing Group has be updated so that it won’t cut off the full name of the Pricing Group. Additionally, merged columns have been eliminated in the report.

Cancellation Report

An error was discovered where the Variance column for Deposits Paid was showing blank if either the ‘Last Year’ or ‘This Year’ deposit paid was $0.00. This has been corrected.

Charge Code Report

There was an issue on the Charge Code report when one of the totals exceeded $999,999.99, the screen displayed amount and pdf export cut off part of the number. This has been corrected.

Long Term Charges Due

In response to feedback received on this report, we have made the following minor updates:

  1. Merged columns have been removed in the Excel download to make sorting and manipulating data in Excel easier.
  2. On the Excel download, we will print the header only one time instead of on each page.
  3. We’ve made sure that the dollar sign “$” prints on the ‘Total w/tax’ column.
  4. We’ve updated the report to pull from the actual Check In date of the reservation.
  5. We’ve updated the styling of the report to match our current standards in other reports.

Operations Recap Detailed Download

An issue was reported with the store filter options. The ‘Only Store/VKR’ option was removed since the user can filter the transactions within the download file itself.

Occupancy Graph

An issue was reported for the Excel download option for the Occupancy Graph. It was not showing any data. This has been corrected.

Other Development

Peek Modal

An enhancement was made to the reservation ‘peek modal’. The ‘Equipment’ type and length will now show for the reservation.

Updates for mobile compatibility

Several updates were made to the Stay Information and VKR widgets in the short term reservation form which will allow for the form to show better when viewed on a mobile device. Note: There were some slight changes needed in the desktop version to accommodate the mobile changes.

In Case You Missed It

For campgrounds still on KampSight (K1), the Nov 2019 through Oct 2020 Market Group Reports have been created and can be found on the *Web location. This is the last time they will be created for the legacy system.

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